The Weather’s Impact on The Trucking Industry

Every year across America truckers and the trucking industry face countless struggles. One of the most overlooked issues that the trucking industry faces is the constant changing of the weather. Over the past couple of months there have been snowstorms in the Texas and California causing roads to shut down. There have also been hurricanes and storms throughout the Gulf of Mexico and into the southeastern states, and just last month Arizona was forced to close some of there roads due to wildfire. Read More

American Ports Face Record Volume as Demand for Diesel Fuel Continues

Sea Ports from every corner of America have seen steadily increasing volumes of 20-foot equivalent units (TEUs) in recent months. The busiest port in the country, the Port of Los Angeles, moved 1,012,047 TEUs in May, compared to 581,664 TEUs a year ago. Not only does that figure represent the 10th consecutive month of increasing container volume, it is the first time any port in the Western Hemisphere has broken the 1 million TEU mark. Read More

A Used Truck is How Much?

Freight rates are booming, and new truck production constraints means that truckers are looking at low mile used trucks to take on the road. According to an article from Freight Waves, “New truck production, beset by shortages of microchips that power critical vehicle functions, and through-the-roof commodity prices, is only beginning to recover but manufacturers are having difficulties hiring enough workers.” Demand continues to outpace supply and for that reason, truck prices continue to increase. Read More

Average Price for Used Class 8 Trucks Reaches All-Time High Amidst Surge in Demand for All Used Vehicles

According to ACT Research, the average price for a Class 8 truck sold in April 2021 rose to $57,431, an all-time high. The increase in price is especially stark when compared to the pandemic-low of $38,242 a year earlier. What is causing these previously unseen price tags for 16+ ton trucks? A few grams of silicon and precious metals that we know as a semiconductor. Read More

Driver Shortage… A global problem!

Before the COVID-19 Pandemic, many companies were faced with a shortage of CDL drivers. With layoffs and unemployment at a record high, it is logical to think that there would be a lot more people stepping in to fill the truck driver shortage. However, going into 2021 that is not the case and the industry is still hurting for drivers.

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Trucking Industry Experts Optimistic for 2021

After unprecedented gains in 2020, which were overshadowed by COVID-19, many in the trucking industry are excited about the outlook for 2021. The trucking industry expects to see an increase in sectors such as final-mile delivery, contracting, home improvement, and overall E-commerce. The American Trucking Associations, Chief Economist Bob Costello says, “I think freight will remain decent in 2021. On the good side, the vaccine will help return to ‘normal,’ which means sectors that are currently hurting like services and manufacturing can bounce back”. This is great news for an industry that at the start of this pandemic in 2020 saw sales of Class 8 trucks fall by 24.3% in the first quarter, and 51.2% in the second quarter.

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Evolving Emissions Standards

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator, Andrew Wheeler recently said that he anticipates the new Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) Standards rule to be finalized within the next month or two.  The primary questions to answer at this point are, what does the rule seek to accomplish and how does this affect heavy-duty trucks?

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