Oil & Gas Services

Energizing the Energy Market

Oil & gas suppliers go with Guttman Energy

Oil and gas operations need constant, reliable, and safe fueling processes. At a drill or completions site, for instance, your energy supply can literally make all the difference. By closely collaborating with producers and oilfield service providers, we generate customized solutions that place safety, efficiency, and intelligence at the center of every operation. We know this territory well. Whether in the field at a natural gas pad or working with a permanent refinery operation, Guttman Energy keeps you powered up and running nonstop, so that you can power the rest of the world.

Fueling Performance

At your drilling or completions location/pad/site, a continual flow of energy is essential to keep your operation going. We work collaboratively with producers, natural gas companies, and oilfield service providers to keep your equipment running without downtime. Take a look at what we bring to the oil and gas industry:

  • Competitive pricing
  • Commitment to safety
  • Accurate invoicing and accounting
  • Fuel operability expertise
  • Unmatched personal attention
  • Market intelligence driven by real-time price data
  • Reliable fuel supply and delivery
  • Unparalleled experience

Solutions for Oil and Gas Management

Guttman Energy ensures high quality, competitively priced fuel is available to an Oilfield Services company providing hydraulic fracturing services, minimizing costs, and maintaining uninterrupted operations.

Risk Management Solutions

Our Risk Management Solutions provide a range of fuel pricing programs designed to help you gain control of your fuel budget and minimize fuel market risk.

Inventory Management Solutions

Our Inventory Management Solutions simplify the management of your fuel inventories, so fuel is always in the tank when you need it.

Risk Management Solutions

Our Fuel Operability Solutions are designed to help you maintain the quality and performance of your fuel.

Safety Commitment

Our commitment to safety is woven into our culture and is present in every service we provide.