About Guttman Energy

Fueling Intelligence

Nine decades of innovative energy

For 90 years, industrial, commercial, and transportation operations across the eastern United States have trusted Guttman Energy for customized fueling solutions that power their organizations forward. Committed to the safety and respect of our customers, Guttman’s team members closely partner with our clients as we work around the clock to achieve their goals. Woven into our everyday operations, our attention to detail and personalized service sets us apart within the fuel industry.

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Our Mission and Values

Guttman Energy is dedicated to providing our customers with the most efficient, customized, and comprehensive fuel distribution and maintenance possible. We strive daily to implement and maintain safe and effective processes to serve both our employees and our customers.

We aim to embody our five Core Values in all of our work:

Our Mission and Values


our employees and customers with a safety-focused culture.


with integrity, by trusting one another and our customers.


and share our unsurpassed knowledge, market intelligence, and industry expertise.


our customers with highly responsive and personalized service.


problems and provide customized solutions to meet the needs of our employees, customers, and all stakeholders.

The Guttman Difference

What makes Guttman Energy so different? Much
more than our products, it’s our partnerships with
our customers built on tested and efficient fueling practices– fine-tuned over decades of experience that fuel our success. We understand truly comprehensive energy services require more than just fuel– it requires
carefully-managed logistics and customer-centered personalization to create a system that will ensure
your fuel is used to its full potential.

The Guttman Difference

We make fueling easy.
Guttman Energy’s customers are constantly benefiting from our logistical know-how. Guttman Energy is committed to making complicated processes seem more like second nature, generating clear and effective fueling solutions for our customers. Our extensive network of diverse shipping methods is second to none in delivering fuel safely and reliably to your operation. Our extensive inventory positions throughout our marketing area allow us to ensure certainty of supply and offer competitive pricing in volatile markets. In short, we handle the complexities of the fueling process, so that you can put your energy toward powering something great.

We get the fuel you need, when you need it.
With 90 years in the fuel business, Guttman Energy has cultivated a crucial skill that many of our competitors lack: market intelligence. Insight into market trends and conditions gives us an edge that enables us to bring value to our customers. We have relationships with multiple supply partners while utilizing various pricing programs in different markets. Combining this practice with our sales team makes for reliable and relentless fuel acquisition, all on behalf of our customers. Guttman Energy finesses the fuel trade to provide the fuel you need at the best possible price, on your timetable.

We fuel your operation with information.
At Guttman Energy, we understand that truly powering your business means more than just providing fuel- it’s about giving our customers the power to use their energy to its full potential. We provide data and analysis to help guide customers’ decisions on which pricing program best suits their business and give technical expertise to prevent fuel operability issues. We even keep tabs on all the major industry data services, providing our customers with access to the latest industry and market news. We apply the consideration that “knowledge is power” in every interaction we have with our customers, 24/7.

Our Service Regions

Gutman Energy remains a crucial factor in ensuring fair prices and leading service throughout the Eastern US. Whether it be in commercial, wholesale and retail markets, we help customers navigate price and supply volatility, giving them greater certainty and control.