Inventory Management

Customer-centered Inventory Solutions

Intelligence fueled by experience

Guttman Energy has eliminated the stress of managing inventory. As our customer, you will never experience the hassle of manually checking fuel supplies. Our automated processes allow you to check your inventory with just the click of a mouse. By staying aware of your fuel levels, you have the power to replenish your inventory when prices are low, not when supply is critical. These customer-centered innovations are just another way we focus on making sure you always have the fuel you need.

Customer Benefits

Eliminate costly fuel outages through state-of-the-art wireless tank monitors

Eliminate the hassles and costs of “sticking the tanks”

Provide 24/7 access to your inventory levels through a secure, easy-to-use website

Receive an email, text message or fax alerting you when levels are low

Solutions for Oil and Gas Management

Guttman Energy ensures high quality, competitively priced fuel is available to an Oilfield Services company providing hydraulic fracturing services, minimizing costs, and maintaining uninterrupted operations.