Taking fuel to the next level

Just the right recipe

For preventative maintenance, solving an existing issue or improving performance, Guttman’s additives help ensure quality for your fuel. Additives have been proven to reduce emissions, improve fuel handling, increase fuel economy, reduce deposits, and protect against corrosion. As a winter additives fuel supplier, we’ll connect you with industry-leading products to maintain and enhance your fuel supplies.

Winter Additive Suppliers Guttman

Guttman Energy partnered with Innospec Fuel Specialties to develop GE-1, a next generation cold-flow improver. GE-1 works to maintain fuel quality in cold temperatures by operating in a variety of ways: lowering cold filter plugging point and pour point, preventing fuel gelling, aiding against fuel filter icing, and dispersing wax during extended engine shutdowns. With GE-1 additive, cold temperatures will never hinder your energy flow again.

Emergency Winter Fuel Treatment

Red Alert, an Innospec product, is a winter middle distillate fuel additive for emergency use once fuel has gelled, or under extreme circumstances that are beyond normal winter conditions. This anti-gel and de-icer combination dissolves gelled fuel that has already collected on the fuel line filter. Guttman keeps Red Alert in stock to ensure we can help you respond to any unforeseen weather-related issues.

Biocide & Water Disdbursement

Innospec’s Dri-Tek helps to reduce water contamination in fuel storage tanks, inhibit bacterial growth, and function as a water “antifreeze” during severe cold temperatures. Dri-Tek is often paired with Innospec 6000, a biocide containing a unique solution of active ingredients to provide a broad spectrum of antimicrobial protection. Combining moisture and contamination management lets Guttman enhance and upgrade your fuel tank maintenance.

Year-Round Additive Program

Innospec’s ECOCLEAN® is a line of revolutionary additives that helps you extract maximum benefits from today’s modern fuels and high-tech engines. More specifically, to help fuel survive the stresses of advanced fuel injection systems year round, the ECOCLEAN additive works to: clean and prevent injector deposits; prevent formation of carbonation deposits; prevent premature filter plugging; provide thermal and oxidative stability; improve and maintain fuel economy; improve and maintain horsepower; reduce harmful exhaust emissions; improve lubricity with fully synthetic lubricity improver; and prevent corrosion.