When Should My Small Business Get a Fleet Card?

Small Business Fleet Vehicles that utilize Fleet Cards

When you’re running a small business, every penny counts. You’re likely keeping a close eye on your budget to determine what purchases will help you move forward and grow. For many small businesses, one of the most important expenses is fuel. Keeping your fleet moving and getting products from point A to point B is a vital part of your company’s success. To give your fleet an extra leg up, consider investing in a fleet card for your company. Here’s how to determine whether your small business is ready to get a fleet card.

You’re Trying to Build Business Credit

Many small businesses have a business credit card that helps them pay for their fuel costs. Unfortunately, though, the cost of fuel is incredibly volatile and can go up or down at a moment’s notice. You may find yourself in the stressful situation of reaching your credit limit when you still need to get your fleet from place to place.

Using a fleet card can not only be a helpful alternative for using your business credit card for fuel, but it can also help you build your credit. You won’t have to ask your bank for a larger line of credit, and you can still prove your reliability when it comes to paying off your card. In the future, you’ll be well-positioned to upgrade your business card or receive a higher credit limit in general.

You’re Carefully Watching Your Finances

Purchasing a fuel card can save you tons of money in the long run. You’ll be able to control where your employees can fuel up and keep track of how much they’re spending each and every time they stop. You can also identify any potential cases of fuel theft since all employee purchases are tracked. Finally, fuel cards allow you to automate your expense tracking, saving you valuable time on accounting tasks. All of these benefits help to make your budget go even further. 

You Want a Customized Fleet Card Solution

When using a business credit card, you’re often left at the hands of the credit card company. However, subscribing to a fleet fuel card gives you more freedom surrounding your entire fuel buying experience. For instance, Guttman Energy’s fuel cards are accepted at over 65,000 service stations across the country. You’ll never be hit with hidden fees or complicated contracts, and you’ll never have to pay for a service you don’t use.

Purchasing fuel can be a huge stress point for many small business owners, but it doesn’t have to be. Guttman Energy and our fleet card program are here to ensure that your fleet is always ready to hit the road. 

When your small business is ready to invest in a top-quality fuel card program that offers flexibility, customizations, and convenience, contact Guttman Energy today and speak with a dedicated account representative.

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