Fueling Growth – A Construction Company’s Journey to Efficiency with the Help of Guttman Energy.

A fuel tanker drives down the highway

Constructing a relationship with Reliance Well Services Based in Erie, Pennsylvania, Reliance Well Services provides hydraulic fracturing services throughout the Appalachian and Illinois Basins. With the demands of a growing company, the limitations of their existing fleet fuel program became increasingly evident due to inadequate customer support and the absence of tailored perks and discounts. […]

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Fuel Cards: Facilitating Company Growth

Supporting a Large-Scale Vegetation Management Company Guttman Energy knows that when handling vegetation management, there isn’t much leeway to get your wires crossed—logistics must be precise, because multiple operations depend on the removal of unwelcome vegetation on its infrastructure. So, when a full-size Vegetation Management Company approached Guttman looking for solutions to support a significant […]

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Fuel Benefits & Select Stone Company, LLC

Elevating Customer Service with Fleet Fuel Card Benefits Select Stone Company, LLC is a premier stone supplier in Northwest Ohio with customers in both the residential and commercial sectors. With a demand for deliveries of material for landscaping, building, water gardens, and masonry, they need a fuel card they can count on so they can […]

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Why Should My Business Hire a Fleet Manager?

Fleet Managers discussing Logistics

Ask any business owner and they will tell you, growth is an exciting measure of their company’s success. While exciting, that growth also involves several key questions that must be navigated. One of those questions specific to the transportation and logistics industry is, “When should I hire a Fleet Manager?”

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