A Fuel Card Without Limits

Guttman Energy Helps This Aggregate Logistics Hauler Realize the Power of Freedom in a Fuel Card As one of Guttman Energy’s newest clients, this Texas-based tucking company specializes in complex logistics and shipper cargo, meaning that on top of reliable fuel, they also need a partner who is equipped to help them manage the complexities […]

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Know Your Fleet Card: Pitfalls to Avoid

Properly managing a professional fleet is no easy task; every day is a dynamic challenge. With so many day-to-day worries to contend with – mechanical failures, regulatory compliance, traffic at the shipper or receiver – it helps to have a dependable fleet card that makes your life easier instead of harder. With that in mind, […]

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Why Should My Business Hire a Fleet Manager?

Fleet Managers discussing Logistics

Ask any business owner and they will tell you, growth is an exciting measure of their company’s success. While exciting, that growth also involves several key questions that must be navigated. One of those questions specific to the transportation and logistics industry is, “When should I hire a Fleet Manager?”

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Benefits of Using a Fleet Card

Trucks that utilize fleet cards

Convenience Fleet cards are often accepted all over the country allowing drivers to have quality fueling options no matter where they are travelling. Reducing Fuel Expenses Fuel is the highest expense in the trucking industry next to vehicle maintenance. Fleet cards are an efficient way to diminish fuel expenses with their nationwide discounts. This is […]

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