Women’s History Month Tributes: Amy Bitz

Name: Amy Bitz Job Title: Manager of Subsidiary Accounting Location where you work: Belle Vernon Education: B.S. Degree in Accounting Duquesne University Certified Public Accountant Amy is the Manager of Subsidiary Accounting for Guttman Realty. Amy is responsible for the day-to-day operations and accounting of the various Guttman Family companies, which are primarily real estate […]

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Women’s History Month Tributes: Samantha Miles

Name: Samantha Miles Title: Excise Tax Supervisor & Employee Owner Education: B.A. Accounting, Washington & Jefferson College Profile:  Samantha leads with respect and positivity, solves challenges, and collaborates daily. Samantha focuses on the monthly preparation of Federal and State excise tax returns for customers in nearly 25 states and assists with the quarterly returns and […]

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Signs of Fuel Fraud

As fuel consultants, we are acutely aware of the multifaceted challenges faced by the transportation industry, and one increasingly prominent threat is the surge in cyberattacks targeting this sector. While the spotlight often shines on such digital assaults, there exists another insidious menace lurking within the operations: fuel fraud. Fuel fraud isn’t merely siphoning gasoline […]

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Fueling Growth – A Construction Company’s Journey to Efficiency with the Help of Guttman Energy.

A fuel tanker drives down the highway

Constructing a relationship with Reliance Well Services Based in Erie, Pennsylvania, Reliance Well Services provides hydraulic fracturing services throughout the Appalachian and Illinois Basins. With the demands of a growing company, the limitations of their existing fleet fuel program became increasingly evident due to inadequate customer support and the absence of tailored perks and discounts. […]

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Third Major Deal in Energy Sector Announced

a infographic of Top US shale companies by operated production.

United States shale oil producer CrownRock has agreed to be purchased by Occidental Petroleum in a stock and cash deal valued at $12 billion dollars.  CrownRock is a major privately held energy producer that operates in the Permian Basin.  This deal expands Occidental Petroleum’s presence in the largest shale oilfield in the United States.  The […]

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Cushing, Oklahoma oil stocks near all-time lows

a oil pipeline in Cushing Oklahoma

In the ever-volatile world of energy markets, a recent development has sent shockwaves throughout the industry. Cushing oil stocks, a critical indicator of oil market stability, have plummeted to near-historic lows. This sudden turn of events has caught the attention of both investors and analysts alike, leaving many wondering about the implications for the global […]

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Protecting Your Fleet Against Cyberattacks

a sign hangs over a road with stormy clouds ahead that reads Cyber Attack Ahead

Cyberattacks are on the rise among trucking companies as technology becomes the top priority for fleets across the country. Whether it be electronic devices, telematics, electric vehicles or fuel cards, cyber risks should not be overlooked. The transportation industry is a prime target for cyberattacks and it is important that fleet owners take certain measures […]

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