Comparing Guttman Fleet Fuel Card vs Fuel Credit Card


How Your Fleet Fueling Options Measure Up

When you’re looking for a way to fuel your fleet, the options are endless – one Google search is all you need to see how many different fleet fuel cards and payment options are out there on the market. With so many brands, benefits, and business offers to consider, it’s easy to forget that one crucial question: what works best for you?

How do Guttman Fleet Fuel Cards and other Fuel Credit Cards measure up? We’ve broken it down for you, because let’s face it—fleet fueling is hard enough.

Fueling with a Credit Card  

A credit card seems like a good option at the surface-level: they are accepted at any gas station, and your drivers can purchase any convenience store item with no spending control restrictions. Many credit card programs also offer cash back programs, which can be a great perk for card holders and a good way to rack up bank points fast. However, this can start to put your spending out of control, and with no way to regulate purchases, fleet managers can be put in a tight spot. Credit cards don’t provide fleet managers with itemized spending reports, so frivolous charges are often overlooked. Without some boundaries set by the fleet manager, spending can quickly skyrocket in a way that could affect your budget in a big way.

Credit cards can have restrictions, but they are typically controlled by the bank and not by the fleet manager. This often shows up when you least expect it, in the form of hidden fees, overdraft and late charges, and credit limits. When you don’t have someone who knows your fleet making the rules, it can be tough to do what’s best for your business.  

Guttman Energy Fleet Fuel Card

Fleet fuel cards can have their own restriction issues, as they are typically not universally accepted. However, Guttman’s fleet fuel card is accepted at over 65,000 stations, giving your drivers peace of mind over their access to fuel. Unlike credit cards, a Guttman Fleet Fuel card allows fleet owners to set spending controls and product restrictions. We also provide itemized, easy-to-access spending reports so that you can easily identify any other ways to save.  

While the fleet card managers make the rules, Guttman offers everyone the freedom to spend however they need while on the road—there’s no hidden fees, no overdraft charging, and no account freezing, so you’re never caught without a way to pay, no matter what. We’ll even give them special, fuel-related discounts to maximize their spending. Best of all, Guttman Energy’s customer service agents are easy to get ahold of and give you the best, most personalized fueling experience possible.

The Solution is Yours 

After 90 years in business, we think we’ve cracked the code to the perfect fleet fuel card: control everywhere you need it, and nowhere you don’t. Different cards can fulfill different needs for businesses, but we find the best solutions are the ones that fleet managers are able to make themselves – setting restrictions and cutting costs based on what is best for their business. In this way, a Guttman Fleet Fuel card is the personalized approach that provides the perfect balance of control and freedom to get your trucks where they need to go with the most efficient fueling price possible. Not all fuel cards are created equal, so when you’re after personalized and efficient fleet fueling, Go with Guttman.

To see if a Guttman Energy fleet fuel card is right for your business, contact us at 724.489.5199.

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