Protecting Your Fleet Against Cyberattacks

a sign hangs over a road with stormy clouds ahead that reads Cyber Attack Ahead

Cyberattacks are on the rise among trucking companies as technology becomes the top priority for fleets across the country. Whether it be electronic devices, telematics, electric vehicles or fuel cards, cyber risks should not be overlooked. The transportation industry is a prime target for cyberattacks and it is important that fleet owners take certain measures […]

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Fueling Intelligence to Empower Owner-Operators

a happy truck driver in his truck's cab.

Owner-operators face a lot of specific hassles in the transportation industry—just ask Dickerson Transport, a one-truck fleet run by an independent driver. After years hauling for a large company, this driver decided he wanted to explore the benefits of being his own boss. Unfortunately, he’d quickly realize self-employment came with some setbacks as well—setbacks that […]

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Shafer Equipment, LLC: A Fleet Fuel Cards Case Study

Finding Significant Savings with Guttman Energy’s Fleet Fuel Cards Shafer Equipment, LLC is a heavy-moving company based in West Virginia. With a seven-truck fleet, this small business needed a way to transport the equipment it buys and sells for a living without breaking the bank. Feeling Fed Up with Fees Shafer had a fleet fuel […]

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A Fuel Card Without Limits

Guttman Energy Helps This Aggregate Logistics Hauler Realize the Power of Freedom in a Fuel Card As one of Guttman Energy’s newest clients, this Texas-based tucking company specializes in complex logistics and shipper cargo, meaning that on top of reliable fuel, they also need a partner who is equipped to help them manage the complexities […]

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Roadcheck 2022: Truck Wheel Ends

Is your fleet ready for the 72-hour enforcement event set to take place May 17th through May 19th?  This is a high-visibility, high-volume commercial motor vehicle inspection and enforcement initiative that occurs annually throughout the United States, Mexico, and Canada.  Each year there is a specific focus during the inspection and this year the focus […]

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