Case Study: Fleet Card Services in the Waste Management Industry

Fleet cards can be a great solution for companies in many industries, helping to keep track of fuel costs and ensure that their vehicles stay on the road when they are needed most. Waste management is a particularly large sector with the need for affordable and effective fleet card and fuel delivery services. One of our recent clients was able to take advantage of our custom fuel programs to enhance their overall operations.

The Problem

Stutzman Vacuum Service approached Guttman Energy to help as they began to expand their business. While business expansion is, of course, a good thing, it came with some unexpected consequences for our client. Previously, Stutzman was using a cardlock program that satisfied its needs as a relatively small operation. However, when the company began to expand their area of operations, they found that their fueling strategy didn’t make the cut anymore. 

Their previous fuel card program did not allow them to access many fueling stations in their new area of operation, and those stations that they could access did not offer budget-friendly fuel prices. When we began working with this client, they expressed the need for more competitive fuel prices, a bigger network of fueling stations, and a continued desire for exemplary customer support.

The Solution

Many gas suppliers offer custom fuel programs, but Guttman Energy was able to tend to Stutzman’s needs in a way that no other provider had done before. Our fleet card program, accepted by more than 65,000 fueling stations around the country, allowed the client to access a whole new network of service stations that they would previously not have been able to use. Additionally, our fuel card program provided the most competitive fuel prices, helping the client to keep a close eye on their costs and budget. 

Finally, Stutzman was able to access weekly reports detailing every purchase made through the fleet card program, and any questions that arose were immediately answered by our team. We’ve continued to work with Stutzman as their operation has grown, ensuring that they always have access to the precious fuel they need at a cost that works for the business.

Work with Guttman

We are proud to have been able to help this client achieve greater accessibility to fuel, more transparent fuel pricing, and quicker processes for ensuring efficiency. Guttman Energy has helped countless clients in other industries achieve similar results. 

Our team takes pride in being one of the most trusted wholesale fuel contractors in the Northeast. We work individually with each client to understand the unique needs of the industry as well as the specific goals of the business. Then, we take great care to craft a personalized fuel strategy that works for them and fits into their budget. 

No matter what industry you’re working in, Guttman Energy can provide peace of mind when it comes to fueling and fleet operations. For more information about our fleet card program or any of our other services, contact us today!

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