Winter’s Coming. Is Your Company Ready?


Many companies rely on their fleets to keep things moving and get their products from Point A to Point B. But with winter on the horizon, is your team ready for the colder weather? Freezing temperatures and snowy conditions can wreak havoc on your supply chain, and it could even pose a serious safety risk for your drivers. However, the team at Guttman Energy is dedicated to providing fuel additives designed to keep your vehicles running in tip-top shape, even in the winter. 

Winter Additive 

First, we’ve worked with Innospec Fuel Specialties to create a revolutionary cold-flow improver that we call GE-1. By dispersing wax when your engine is shut down for long periods of time, working against icing in the fuel filter, preventing your fuel from gelling, and lowering the cold filter plugging and pour points, GE-1 is ideal for maintaining the quality of your fuel no matter how cold it gets. This additive is perfect for companies who operate in areas where temperatures dip below freezing or even into the negatives in the winter. 

Emergency Winter Fuel Treatment

Innospec is also responsible for the incredible Red Alert winter middle distillate fuel additive, which we always keep in stock for our customers in the case of an emergency. This additive is meant for use in conditions that are beyond the normal winter weather, as well as in emergency circumstances when fuel has gelled. Red Alert is a combination of de-icer and anti-gel, working to dissolve the gelled fuel that may have made its way into the fuel line filter. 

Biocide and Water Disbursement

Finally, we also keep on hand Dri-Tek from Innospec, which is perfect for those who are concerned about water getting into their fuel (perhaps from all that pesky melting ice). Dri-Tek works to reduce potential water contamination within your fuel storage tanks as well as inhibit the growth of bacteria and work as a type of “antifreeze” in particularly cold conditions. Often, we recommend pairing Dri-Tek with Innospec 6000, a biocide which provides a wide range of antimicrobial protection. 

Guttman Energy Can Handle Your Winter Fuel Needs

Not only are additives a great way to protect your vehicles in the winter, but they can also work to reduce emissions, increase your fuel economy, improve fuel handling, and protect against corrosion. For all of your additive and fuel needs as well as unique and innovative services to keep your fleet moving, work with Guttman Energy. We’ve been working with thousands of customers to help meet their fuel needs for 90 years now, so you know we’ve got the passion and the know-how to get the job done.

For more information about our additives and services that can help your fleet this winter, contact Guttman Energy today! 

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