That was 2020?


1/1 – Australian wildfire season is one of the worst in history. Millions of acres burned as both people and wildlife flee.

1/3 – A U.S. airstrike kills Iranian General Qassem Suleimani, the leader of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps’ Force. Global markets are sent into turmoil.

1/6 – The CDC issues a travel warning for Americans traveling to Wuhan, China after a “cluster of pneumonia cases” are found.

1/20 – The first case of COVID-19 is reported in the U.S.

1/30 – The WHO issues a public health emergency concerning coronavirus.

1/31 – President Trump bans most travel from China.


2/4 – President Trump delivers the State of the Union address.

2/24 – The President tweets “The Cornavirus is very much under control in the USA” and the “Stock market starting to look very good to me!” The Dow falls 1,000 points.

2/29 – The first COVID-19 death is officially reported in the U.S. Earlier deaths are reported later in the year.


3/9 – Italy imposes a nationwide quarantine to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. The Dow Jones industrial average plunges by more than 2,000 points.

3/11 – The WHO declares COVIS-19 a pandemic. The NBA suspends its season indefinitely.

3/12 – Major League Baseball suspends spring training while the NFL, NHL and Major League Soccer suspend their seasons. The Dow falls by more than 2300 points.

3/13 – COVID is declared a national emergency.

3/14 – Spain enters a nationwide lockdown.

3/16 – The Dow falls by 2997.1 points – the largest single day drop.

3/24 – The 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics are suspended until 2021.

3/25 – The White House and Senate agree to a $2 trillion stimulus package.


4/2 – Globally there are more than 1 million COVID cases reported.

4/3 – The CDC recommends the wearing of face masks in public.

4/13 – The IRS begins to send stimulus checks to Americans.

4/27 – U.S. COVID cases surpass 1 million while global cases exceed 3 million.


5/3 – The U.S. finds the first “murder hornets” while insurgents are attempting to infiltrate Venezuela to start an uprising.

5/8 – U.S. unemployment reaches 14.7%.

5/11 – Elon Musk defies a California shut down order and says he will reopen a factory.

5/30 – SpaceX launches two U.S. astronauts to the International Space Station.


6/10 – U.S. COVID cases exceed 2 million.

6/16 – North Korea shuts off all communication with South Korea after destroying the Inter-Korean Liaison Office.

6/20 – President Trump holds his first campaign rally in Tulsa amid scheduling and virus concerns.

6/28 – COVID cases surpass 10 million worldwide cases.


7/1 – New Zealand reports no new cases of COVID.

7/2 – States reverse course on reopening plans as the U.S. sees the largest spike in single day cases of COVID at 50,000.

7/9 – The WHO announces that COVID can be airborne.

7/27 – The Moderna vaccine begins its Phase 3 trial.


8/11 – Joe Biden selects Senator Kamala Harris to be his vice-presidential running mate.

8/13 – The U.S. Postal Service announces plans to remove hundreds of high-volume mail processing machines across the country.

8/17-8/20 – The Democratic National Convention is held in Milwaukee, WI to formally nominate Biden and Harris as their 2020 candidates.

8/24-8/27 – The Republican National Convention is held in Charlotte, NC to formally nominate President Trump and Vice President Pence as the GOP 2020 candidates.


9/5 – The El Dorado fire burns in San Bernardino County, California and is found to have been sparked by fireworks at a gender reveal party.

9/6 – California wildfires burn 2.1 million acres, setting a record for the most destruction by wildfires.

9/7 – Oregon wildfires begin to burn across the state amid severe winds and droughts.

9/29 – The first presidential debate is held.


10/1 – President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump confirm they have tested positive for COVID-19.

10/16 – COVID cases in the U.S. surpass 8 million.


11/3 – U.S. election day comes and goes with no winner confirmed.

11/4 – The U.S. becomes the first country to exceed 100,000 daily COVID cases.

11/7 – News organizations declare Biden and Harris have won the 2020 presidential election.

11/9 – Pfizer announces that early data on their COVID vaccine are 90% effective.

11/16 – Moderna announces that early data on their vaccine is 94.5% effective.

11/18 – Pfizer now says their vaccine is 95% effective.


12/1 – After weeks of questioning the validity of the U.S. election, Attorney General William Barr states that the U.S. Justice Department has not uncovered evidence of voter fraud.

12/14 – COVID vaccinations begin in the U.S. Election results are also confirmed.

12/31 – We anxiously wait to see what 2021 could possibly have in store.

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