Improve Fuel Performance with Winter Additives

Have you ever experienced engine problems on cold winter days? Diesel-powered engines endure harsh weather conditions during these winter months. Issues such as icing and gelling of fuel can disrupt your operations. How can you protect your fuel from these common cold-weather problems? 

First, let’s take a look at how these issues happen:

  1. When temperatures drop, the paraffin wax in diesel that improves lubricity and viscosity can thicken and start to crystalize.
  2. Wax crystals stick together, giving the fuel a cloudy appearance (known as the cloud point).
  3. As the gelling process reaches the Cold Filter Plugging Point (CFPP), the crystals will solidify enough to cause blockage to the fuel filter and prevent engines from starting.

How can this be prevented? Winterized diesel additivities can improve fuel performance when temperatures drop by reducing the rate at which diesel fuel gels. Fuel performance operability can occur when temperatures drop below freezing (32 deg F). The right additive can work to prevent blockage from wax crystals, improve cold engine starting, and can also remove the harmful deposits that can slow your engine down. If the temperatures are going to be dropping in your area, now is the time to consider winterizing your diesel engines and tanks before issues have a chance to start.

The CFPP is the lowest temperature at which fuel will still flow through a specific filter. The temperatures at which CFPP occurs and the results of fuel additive treatments will vary depending on a variety of factors. To find out if your fuel can benefit from additive, contact Guttman Energy at (800) 245.5955.

Ensure your fuel is winter-ready

Continuous monitoring and maintenance of your fuel can go a long way in preventing issues specific to every season. Guttman offers a free monthly Verification, Surveillance and Optimization (VSO) program for our customers to ensure fuel is performing to the target specification. Samples are collected and tested for water, contamination and winter operability to help ensure an issue-free winter season.

Is Your Fuel Winter-Ready?

Learn more about how you can take advantage of this offer and get your free test kit today!

Gutt-Check Tip:

Protect your tanks not just your diesel engines that can feel the damaging effects of the cold. Above ground tanks can suffer from excessive cooling, especially around pipes and pumps. Remove any water from the storage tank before the onset of cold weather to prevent ice from accumulating.

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