Hurricanes and Fixed Price Fuel Deals

A hurricane approaches the United States.

Preparing Your Business for Hurricane Season 

Hurricane season is here, and fuel-dependent business sectors need to be prepared. This time of the year brings an increased risk of power outages, road closures, and supply chain issues. To keep your business operating in tough times, it’s crucial to have a fuel plan. Guttman Energy is proud to offer affordable and flexible fuel plans all year, but these perks become even more critical during hurricane season.

How Guttman Energy Has Helped with Fixed Price Fuel Programs

Guttman Energy serves clients throughout the eastern United States, many of whom are near a coastline. We have experience helping clients in the face of a hurricane and can provide affordable fuel when you need it most.

In 2017, Hurricane Harvey battered the Gulf Coast. The devastating storm caused about $125 billion in damage, making it one of the costliest hurricanes to ever reach the mainland United States. Countless homes and businesses were destroyed, and refineries and pipelines along the coast were severely impacted as well.

Harvey brought about increased fuel prices and decreased availability all across the nation. But businesses working with Guttman Energy before the hurricane hit were better positioned than their counterparts. Establishing a relationship with Guttman Energy early on allowed these businesses to arrange a sort of “insurance policy.” Fuel prices were locked in long before the storm, and businesses could weigh the short- and long-term risks of their fuel strategies to prepare them for the impending hurricane.

As Harvey was approaching, the Guttman team reached out to customers (particularly those around Houston) to discuss their options for continuing to obtain fuel in the coming weeks. We helped our clients find the solutions that worked for their specific needs, making the most of a fluctuating market. Within days, fuel prices skyrocketed, but our clients remained confident in Guttman’s reliable fuel delivery and low, locked-in prices.

How You Can Get Ahead with a Fixed Price Fuel Program

A hurricane or other natural disaster doesn’t have to stop your business in its tracks. With a bit of planning and forethought, you can get ahead of any surprises, and rest assured that your business will bounce back from hardship.

When approaching hurricane season, look at your financial standings and product levels. If you know you’ll need a certain amount of fuel, make plans to fulfill those needs ahead of time if possible. Monitor the local weather regularly, maintain contact with local authorities, and keep yourself and your team safe.

After a hurricane or another natural disaster, fuel is an invaluable commodity. But your business doesn’t have to be part of the chaos. By planning ahead and working with a fuel provider who offers fixed pricing programs and personalized service, you’ll have the peace of mind you need to weather the storm (literally).

Your business is an essential part of your community in good times and in bad. We work hard to support you so you can continue doing what you love and serving your community in good times and bad. To learn more about working with Guttman Energy for your fuel and logistics needs, contact a member of our team today.

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