Fuel Contaminant Remediation

When you manage a fleet, fuel is sure to be one of your biggest concerns. The cost of fuel inevitably impacts your operations, and when you’re paying so much for fuel, you want to be sure it will perform as it should.

Unfortunately, fleets big and small can be impacted by fuel contaminants, which can damage vehicles and result in unexpected downtime for your operations. Guttman Energy helps clients mitigate this risk with our fuel remediation service.

What is Fuel Contaminant Remediation?

Fuel contaminant remediation is the process of identifying and removing pollutants in a fuel supply. There is a wide range of contaminants that can impact your fuel quality, including everything from particulates and debris to bacteria to wax or even water.

When a contaminant is detected, fuel remediation can help remove these harmful elements, bringing your fuel back to the quality you expect.

Benefits of Fuel Contaminant Remediation

There are tons of benefits associated with fuel contaminant remediation, and the sooner you invest in the service, the sooner you can see these benefits play out in your own fleet.

One of the most significant benefits is reduced maintenance costs. If your vehicles are being filled with contaminated fuel, the life of the vehicle and its parts can be greatly reduced. You may find yourself having to replace key elements of the vehicle (or the entire vehicle, in some cases). Removing pollutants from fuel can reduce the risk of damage and ensure you’re not spending extra money making repairs or replacements that could be easily avoided.

Fuel contaminant remediation is also associated with increased sustainability. More and more companies are setting sustainability goals, and running fuel-efficient vehicles is just one part of the process. Eliminating pollutants from your fuel allows you to use your supply efficiently and effectively, so you don’t have to purchase as much fuel. You’ll save money on your bottom line and will help the environment by only using just as much fuel as you truly need.

In that same vein, fuel contaminant remediation can bring increased fuel/vehicle efficiency. Our vehicles work just like our bodies: If they’re full of contaminants and pollutants, they won’t work the way they are intended. But when fuel is pure and free of contaminants, it’s a powerful tool in keeping your vehicles running. Fleets with older vehicles in particular will appreciate the increased efficiency, especially if it’s not feasible to invest in new vehicles.

 Working with Guttman Energy

Guttman Energy has decades of experience helping fleets big and small manage their fuel. Our team can come directly to your worksite to sample your fuel and test for water, microbials, fungus, yeast, and more. If we do detect pollutants in your storage tanks, we’ll work thoroughly and quickly to eliminate the problem from the source.

We employ several strategies to get rid of fuel contaminants, like introducing additives to your fuel supply or performing fuel cleaning and polishing. On top of that, we can work directly with your company to create fueling solutions that work for your operations, budget, and business goals. Contact the Guttman Energy team today to learn more about all of our fuel products and services.

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