Fleet Fuel Card Benefits

fleet fuel card benefits

Many trucking businesses across the country have started to turn to fleet fuel card programs to keep their drivers gassed up while they’re on the road. These programs can be hugely beneficial no matter the size of your company or your fleet. But why should you consider working with one of the many fleet fuel card providers throughout the nation? There are actually tons of great benefits, but we’re here to tell you about three of the main advantages.

Convenience for Your Drivers

Perhaps the most obvious benefit to a fleet card is the element of convenience. For instance, fuel cards from Guttman Energy are accepted at more than 65,000 service stations across the United States, so your drivers can easily fuel up no matter where they are. Your drivers won’t ever have to worry about how they’re going to pay for gas or having to stop at a station early for the fear of not being able to fuel up for several hours. 

Safety and Security

Every business owner’s worst nightmare is having someone get a hold of their company card and make fraudulent purchases. By having your drivers use a fuel card, there’s much less chance of that happening to your company, which can especially be a lifesaver for smaller operations. When your drivers are using a fuel card, they will have to show their ID or enter a special PIN before they can start fueling, which makes it harder for fraud to happen in the first place. If there are potentially fraudulent charges on your card, you can catch the issue much more quickly than with a traditional company credit card. 

Better Organized Records

On your end of things, subscribing to a fleet card program makes it much easier to keep track of your records. For one thing, many fleet cards allow you to get special discounts on fuel, which can do wonders for keeping your expenses low. Additionally, it’s incredibly easy to pull up your records whenever you need them and immediately see the amount of every transaction, down to the penny. All of those fuel-ups are in one convenient place for you, saving you tons of time and headache when you’re tracking your expenses. 

Guttman Energy’s Fleet Fuel Card Program 

If you’re looking for an easy and efficient way to simplify every aspect of fueling your fleet, working with Guttman Energy for your fleet card needs is the way to go. We have 90 years of experience in the field and have helped companies in countless industries keep their fleets on the road with ease. As we mentioned, our cards are accepted at over 65,000 participating service stations, so you can always be confident that your drivers are cared for. We don’t hit you with any extra fees or complicated contracts, keeping your costs low and your paperwork simple. 

If you’re interested in learning more or getting started with your own personalized fuel program, contact Guttman Energy today!

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