Case Study: Managing Fuel Inventory


Many wholesale fuel companies stick to simply providing fuel for your fleet. But at Guttman Energy, we go above and beyond by helping you manage your fuel inventory and ensure your fleet is ready to go at all times. We offer convenient automated processes to save you time and energy, so you never have to check your fuel supplies manually again. But instead of just explaining the benefits of fuel inventory management, we want to show you! Here, we outline the work we’ve done for an actual client to help simplify their fuel logistics needs. 

The Problem

Recently, Guttman Energy was approached by an oilfield services company operating in the Northeast. This company is a large consumer of diesel fuel and came to us with a relatively straightforward concern: they wanted to make sure that they had affordable and reliable fuel whenever they needed it, and they needed to ensure their operations were never interrupted by a lack of fuel.

One of the more complex aspects of the problem, however, was fuel usage. The customer reported that, just due to the nature of hydraulic fracturing, their fuel usage was quite unpredictable. The customer was also concerned about their fuel operability, especially when it came to operating in cold weather conditions as well as potential tank contamination. 

The Solution

So, how was Guttman Energy able to address these concerns? We started with their need for reliable fuel. To ease the worries of a potential fuel outage, we equipped the customer with wireless tank monitoring systems on the storage tanks at many of their sites. This addition eliminated partial fills (which are time-consuming and inefficient) along with any concerns for possible tank run-outs. We also suggested that they become involved in our fixed price program, which allowed the customer to always ensure they had fuel on hand at a predictable price, no matter how much or little they were using in any given season.

Speaking of seasons, we were also able to address the customer’s concerns when it came to cold weather operations. The Northeast can get especially cold in the winter months, so Guttman Energy performed comprehensive tests and analysis to determine which types of fuel would work best in these harsh conditions. 

Finally, the customer was concerned about tank contamination, as they had experienced downtime in the past from a microbial contamination. We were also able to use testing and analysis to identify the issue, and resolved it with a biocide application as well as continued inspections. 

How Can We Help You?

This story is just one of many cases where we were able to provide customized and effective solutions for a customer’s fuel needs. Could you be next? Guttman Energy is proud to go above and beyond other fuel suppliers in our wide range of products and services, as well as our total dedication to customer satisfaction. No matter the field you work in or the size of your fleet, we have the one-of-a-kind solution you’ve been searching for. Contact Guttman Energy today to learn more! 

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