Case Study: Fueling Solutions in the Oil and Gas Industry

The oil and gas industry is one of the most important verticals in our everyday lives. Without oil and gas, nearly all individuals and businesses would be impacted. That’s why it’s vital that we support the oil and gas industry in their own unique fuel needs. Recently, Guttman Energy’s fueling solutions worked with an oilfield services company to address fuel concerns and help them streamline and improve their fuel usage.

The Problem

Our customer in this situation provides hydraulic fracturing services in the Marcellus Shale Play, the United States’ largest natural gas field. This company, perhaps obviously, consumes a large amount of diesel fuel in its daily operations. The hydraulic fracturing business can be quite unpredictable in terms of fuel consumption, so the customer could not always create accurate predictions for consumption levels. The biggest challenge, then, was ensuring that the customer had consistent and reliable access to competitively priced fuel.

A secondary concern in this case was fuel operability. The company had previously experienced downtime because of microbial contamination inside a fuel storage tank. Additionally, the customer wanted to ensure that their fuel supply would continue to serve them throughout the cold winter months. The main goal in this case was to secure reliable and affordable fuel that would reduce or prevent downtime and keep the customer operating all year long.

The Solution

Guttman began working with this customer by addressing their fuel consumption concerns. We installed cutting-edge wireless tank monitoring systems, which helped the customer accurately track their consumption levels and ensure that partial fills and complete fuel runouts were things of the past. We also introduced the customer to our custom fuel programs, offering a fixed price solution that makes it easier to track costs and budget overall.

To address the fuel operability issues, we began by testing and analyzing samples of the fuel impacted by microbial contamination. We were able to identify the issue and implement ongoing inspections and biocide application to ensure that all fuel was properly stored and would serve the customer effectively. Finally, to address cold weather concerns, we conducted extensive testing to find the appropriate fuel that would continue to serve the customer well throughout the coldest days of winter.

Work with Guttman

This case is simply one example of how Guttman Energy has stood out among gas suppliers for the oil and gas industries. Not all wholesale fuel contractors are created equal, and nearly none have the wide breadth of knowledge and experience as Guttman Energy. In addition to our work with oil and gas companies, we have also served clients in the fields of transportation, education, waste management, agriculture, food service, and more.

Regardless of the customer’s industry, Guttman Energy provides top-quality fuel delivery services that are always personalized to the specific needs of the business. We work directly with you to identify any fuel issues that may be impacting performance or cost, then we create a unique plan to address these concerns and keep your team operating at full capacity. To learn more about how a customized fuel program and how our fueling solutions can aid your business, contact Guttman Energy today!

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