Case Study: Fuel Delivery in Government and Schools

Fuel delivery services are important in a wide range of industries, but government agencies and schools can especially benefit from fuel delivery. Keeping government vehicles and school buses on the road is huge in the functioning of our society as a whole. Recently, Guttman Energy was lucky to work with a group of school districts in Pennsylvania to solve a fuel need. 

The Problem

Guttman Energy was recently approached by a consortium of school districts in Pennsylvania. These districts come together to purchase their gasoline, diesel fuel, and other commodities. B2 ULSD, a low sulfur diesel fuel which must have a minimum of 2% biodiesel in Pennsylvania, was introduced into the state’s market. The school districts in question were having issues with the operability of the fuel and turned to Guttman for help.

The Solution

Our team began by simply focusing on the implementation of the new B2 fuel. However, the team quickly discovered various problems that had been impacting several school districts throughout the year. A Quality Assurance expert was dispatched to each impacted site, where they spoke with the maintenance group and assessed fueling depots, storage tanks, and filters.

Tests were run on samples from each site, each revealing various problems from weather and temperature issues to problems with the filters and more. We worked individually to rectifying the issue plaguing each district, resolving the initial issue. On top of that, we shared our results with the other school districts in the consortium. This proactive response allowed these school districts to keep an eye out for these issues in their own fuel needs, eliminating new problems before they even occurred. 

Some situations required us to step in and resolve emergencies. In these cases, we worked closely with our fuel additive supplier and came up with solutions and additives to resolve the issues. 

All of our hard work had several benefits. First and foremost, we were able to help these school districts significantly reduce downtime and transport students safely and reliably. We also helped to open a line of communication between the districts to help prevent fuel issues in the future. Finally, Guttman was able to give these school districts the peace of mind to know that their vehicles were efficient, safe, and cost-effective in their operations. 

Work with Guttman

This example is just one case in which Guttman Energy has helped a client resolve fuel issues and move forward with confidence. Whether your business operates in government, schools, or any other sectors, the Guttman team can assist you in your fuel needs. We work daily to provide affordable and effective fuel solutions for clients from all over the eastern United States. Not only do we provide gasoline, diesel fuel, and additives, but we also offer special services like our fleet fuel card program and fuel management system.

For more information about all of our products and services, reach out to the Guttman Energy team today! 

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