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Meet the Team: Angela Siecinski

Angela Siecinski is one of our top leaders at Guttman Energy. She is the Vice President, Finance and Risk Reporting. How long have you worked at Guttman?It will be 10 years in July. Degree/s (and where you obtained degree/s):University of Pittsburgh: BS in Business and MBA from Katz Graduate School of Business Family information:Spouse, Joe […]

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Optimal Fuel Operability for Fleets


When you manage a fleet, it’s not enough to have access to fuel. You also need to rest assure that your fuel will be reliable and ready to keep your fleet moving. That’s why Guttman Energy offers several unique fuel operability programs to help keep our clients’ fleets on the road. Here are three ways […]

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Supply chain on the mend, but volatility remains

The global supply chain seems to be slowly recovering from the years of damage due the COVID-19 pandemic. Many carriers started 2023 with a positively cautious outlook as their near-term profitability inched closer to reality. The spot rate steadily climbed back closer to the $2.00 per mile threshold, but a recent crash in the spot […]

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No Shortage of Fuel Surcharges

No matter the industry, worker or consumer, fuel surcharges have undoubtedly affected your life. Most likely, it has also affected your wallet over the last year. Gas and diesel prices are falling from their 2022 highs, but prices remain elevated despite building inventories and weaker demand. The higher prices have brought on a wave of […]

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Nationwide Fuel Discounts For Over-The-Road Trucking

IM Transport is an over-the-road trucking company based in FT. Lauderdale, FL. Currently operating with only two trucks, the owners are looking to expand their market by taking on longer trips and more drivers, however their previous fleet fuel card made this impossible. Guttman Energy gave them the benefits they needed, along with nationwide fuel […]

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More sales from Strategic Petroleum Reserve

On Monday, the Biden Administration announced it was selling 26 million barrels of crude oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR). The United States Department of Energy has considered cancelling the sell from the SPR for this year since the Biden Administration sold a record 180 million barrels last year. A cancellation at this juncture would […]

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How a Fuel Card Can Benefit Your Fleet.

Fleet fuel cards are becoming more and more popular as a fuel payment option for fleets large and small across the country. Whether you have one truck or have a mid-size or large fleet of trucks, fuel cards can be a valuable payment option when purchasing fuel over the road. What makes a fuel card […]

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Expanding Fuel Provider Options

One of the largest freight brokers located near the port of Virginia was in need of Guttman’s help. They transport product from the Port to any destination, anywhere within the continental U.S. This type of expansion needs some serious fueling, but they weren’t getting much in terms of options for service or savings. That is, […]

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Fixed Fuel Pricing Program Benefits

Fixed Pricing Program Benefits

Is One of Guttman Energy’s Pricing Programs Right for You? For many Guttman Energy fuel customers, their budget can make or break their fueling operation. That’s why Guttman offers two versions of our fixed pricing program—it’s a way to give our customers fueling solutions, for the best price. If other fuel buying programs have set […]

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