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Fueling Performance

Gasoline is a vital fuel for internal combustion engines, it comes in various forms, each with distinct characteristics determined by its composition and octane rating. Octane rating is a measure of a fuel’s resistance to knocking or detonation. It plays a crucial role in engine performance and efficiency. Exploring the different forms of gasoline and […]

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Navigating the Surge: Unveiling the August Gasoline Price Hike Ahead of Labor Day Weekend and Hurricane Season

               As August 2023 unfolds, Americans are facing an unwelcome financial jolt at the pump. The cost of gasoline is soaring once again, coincidentally, just before Labor Day weekend and the ominous start of the hurricane season with Hurricane Idalia expected to make land fall this week. This double whammy of events is sending a […]

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Fuel Contaminant Remediation

When you manage a fleet, fuel is sure to be one of your biggest concerns. The cost of fuel inevitably impacts your operations, and when you’re paying so much for fuel, you want to be sure it will perform as it should. Unfortunately, fleets big and small can be impacted by fuel contaminants, which can […]

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Fueling Intelligence to Empower Owner-Operators

Owner-operators face a lot of specific hassles in the transportation industry—just ask Dickerson Transport, a one-truck fleet run by an independent driver. After years hauling for a large company, this driver decided he wanted to explore the benefits of being his own boss. Unfortunately, he’d quickly realize self-employment came with some setbacks as well—setbacks that […]

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Fuel System Equipment Best Practices

Fuel System Equipment

Your fleet can’t get anywhere without fuel. But keeping your operation on the road isn’t as simple as filling up your vehicles when they run out of gas. To ensure your vehicles run smoothly for years to come, you’ll need to keep an eye on your fuel system and its various equipment. Read on for […]

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Female Truck Drivers: Girls on the Go

Highlighting Guttman Holdings’ Women in Trucking Guttman Holdings prides itself on innovation—staying on the pulse of ever-changing industry practices, trends, and values. This philosophy has set the Company apart for almost a century. Now, Guttman Holdings is supporting the hiring and well-being of female drivers in the transportation industry.  Excelling as a driver isn’t limited […]

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Bulk Fuel Storage: Above Vs Below Ground Tanks

Above Ground Fuel Tanks

Which Solution is Best for Your Business? If you’re a Guttman Energy bulk fuel customer, you know how crucial fuel is to your operation. But did you know how bulk fuel storage is just as important? Faced with the option of above or below ground tanks, some operations balk at choosing the best storage method. […]

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Up, Up, and Away; Crude’s Unexpected Summer Rise

Crude oil is having an uncharacteristic mid-summer surge, providing commodity markets volatility, and driving refined products pricing higher. The outlook has been bullish for crude and refined prices for late 2024, despite global recessionary fears, and this may only be the beginning of the rise of crude oil. Numerous factors are behind the sudden rise […]

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4 Reasons to Switch from a Credit Card to a Fuel Card

a man holds a Guttman Energy Fleet Fuel Card

Managing a business efficiently requires making prudent decisions about every aspect of operations, including how expenses are handled. One such aspect is fuel expenses, which can be significant for companies operating fleets or relying on vehicles for daily operations. While using credit cards for fuel purchases may seem like a convenient option, more and more […]

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Hurricanes and Fixed Price Fuel Deals

Preparing Your Business for Hurricane Season  Hurricane season is here, and fuel-dependent business sectors need to be prepared. This time of the year brings an increased risk of power outages, road closures, and supply chain issues. To keep your business operating in tough times, it’s crucial to have a fuel plan. Guttman Energy is proud […]

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