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Fleet Fuel Card Rebate Offer

Guttman Energy is offering new fleet fuel card customers big discounts this summer. Simply sign up, get qualified, and realize the following benefits:

  • Rebate of $250-$500 on purchases during the first three months after you sign up
  • $250 rebate for each owner operator fleet (one truck)
    • Driver must fuel at least 3,000 gallons during the first 90 days
  • $500 rebate for companies with more than one truck
    • Company must fuel at least 5,000 gallons during the first 90 days

Sign up is simple & saving money is always satisfying.

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The Best Fleet Fuel Card in the Business

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Real time security alerts and comprehensive fraud protection

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Each of our customers is assigned to their own dedicated service representative

No Fees, No Contracts

No restrictions, penalties, and absolutely no fees—even for a lost card or early cancellation.

The Best Fleet Fuel Card For…

  • Couriers
  • Small Businesses
  • Fleet Managers
  • Over-the-Road Hauling
  • Oil and Gas Operations