What Is A Fleet Card?

what is a fleet card

The Ultimate Intelligent Fleet Fueling Solution

A fleet fuel card is a payment card for truck drivers, fleet managers, and independent owner-operators that enables them to purchase gasoline and diesel fuel at authorized gas stations and convenience stores. Businesses can set budget guidelines at a variety of different stations with the fuel card network. Fleet fuel cards are the ultimate solution to regaining budget control, simplified expense reporting, and managing fleet spending guidelines—all with ease.

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Responsive Data Reporting

Fuel Cards let fleet managers see transaction information in real time, set purchasing controls on accounts, and reap savings that credit cards just can’t provide. While it’s like using a business credit card, additional information requested during card authorization—unit number, driver ID, mileage, or other identification—can be set by the fleet manager to help create even more detailed tracking and reporting.

It’s Time to
Start Saving

Go with Guttman Energy to get the fuel discounts and personalized solutions that your drivers need and leave the hidden fees and hassles in the dust for good.

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Compare the Cards

What can a fleet fuel card give your business that a credit card cannot? From reaping fuel benefits to avoiding hidden fees, see how the Guttman Energy Fleet Fuel Card goes the extra mile.

Credit Card

Basic Functions of a Credit Card

  • Universal acceptance
  • Cash back rebates
  • Ability to purchase items in store
  • Reporting challenges between fuel and non- fuel items
  • Spending reports are not itemized and do not list specifics
  • HARD credit limits, difficult in high-priced environments
  • Susceptible to hidden fees
  • Overdraft and late charges

Fuel Card

Basic Functions of a Fuel Card

  • Managers and fleet owners can set spending controls and product restrictions
  • Easy to understand and accessible reports
  • Better discount options
  • Better customer service
  • Ability to integrate with GPS and other software providers
  • No hidden fees
  • No termination fees
  • No overdraft charges or account freezing