Idea Submission Form Instructions
Employee Submitting Ideas

Improve Safety
“Safety First” is the foundation of our Company Culture. Any ideas to help prevent accidents are
vitally important.

Generate Revenue
Examples include ideas to attract new customers, provide additional products, enter new lines of
business or industries, and expand our geographic footprint.

Increase Gross Margin
Examples include ways to buy better from vendors, coming up with creative ways to price more
effectively, selling to higher margin customer segments, streamlining or automating our business
processes to reduce the time it takes to complete tasks, or sell new customers our programs and
eliminating unnecessary work that adds no value.

Reduce Costs
By reducing costs in the workplace we can help to minimize our expenses throughout the production
or service process and help maximize profit. Examples include leveraging technology, implement
time-saving strategies and maximize employee productivity.

Description of Idea
Please provide as much detail as possible to describe the idea. For example, provide some context
to describe the potential opportunity, or provide an example of the existing problem or challenge that
needs solved or improved, and how this idea will achieve improvement.

Estimated Value/Benefit of Idea
Please attempt to quantify the estimated economic value or other tangible benefit of the idea.
Examples include the dollar amount saved on a cost reduction, or the time saved in performing a task.

Idea Type/Goal(Required)