Case Study

Unified Efficiency for Greene’s Energy Services

Guttman Energy’s Personalized Approach to Fuel Solutions

Based in Rock Springs, Wyoming, Greene’s Energy Services is a multi-faceted conglomeration of companies built to provide one-stop shopping to the energy, mining, and construction industries. With a growing business with multiple site locations, Greene’s Energy Services needed a fuel provider that would be flexible, customizable, and reliable.

Optimizing Operations

In Early 2022, Greene’s Energy Services was not looking for alternative fuel solutions. With the help of a Guttman Energy representative, a complete analysis showed that they were faced with excessive additional charges, and no perks or discounts from their previous fuel provider. With a fleet of 10 and an annual fuel consumption rate of 125,000 gallons, Greene’s Energy Services needed a provider that had trustworthy customer service, clear monthly invoices, and useful perks and discounts.

Receiving the Service that is Deserved

Greene’s Energy Services’ mission is to provide excellence in motion by adapting, growing, and diversifying, to meet the changing needs of their clients. A company that puts excellent service and the customer’s needs first deserves to be treated similarly. Guttman Energy is able to be that company for Greene’s Energy that is trustworthy, responsive, and personable. Guttman Energy will now also be serving Greene’s Energy Services’ sister company, Appalachian Energy Services starting in January 2024, due to the high quality of service received thus far.