Case Study

Rail Transportation Company

One of our railroad operations customers is considered an industry leader in the Eastern half of the US, emphasizing efficiency, safety, value, employee development and customer service. As they transition into more sustainable operations, they realized that Guttman Energy could not only help offset their carbon footprint but mitigate certain fuel issues and logistical headaches they were previously dealing with.


Fuel supply disruptions can mean critical issues in this industry. With this companies’ old supplier, supply chain issues would slow business without warning. On top of this stress, they also had to deal with allocations being trimmed substantially, transportation issues on fuel deliveries, and erratic spot market pricing. When trying to solve these issues, there was barely any customer service available to help. This left them with a stressful and unclear fueling situation as well as slowed operations.


This rail company already relied on Guttman for bulk fuel supply, but they decided it was time for better solutions overall, including a more transparent and responsive supplier, but also a supplier that would help them achieve sustainability goals and requirements, a growing consideration in today’s market. Guttman Energy complied with their request for quarterly calls to further understand and plan for market outages. We ensured that their Guttman sales rep is always available to help plan around a stressful supply event that directly impacts their operations, as well as to provide them with best prices and reliable allocation.