Case Study

Fleet Fuel Card Study: In a Pinch Trucking

Our partnership with In A Pinch Trucking started with a referral from a fellow over-the-road trucking company who thought Guttman Energy Fleet Fuel Card could fit nicely with the company and their needs. Sure enough, we were able to help this small business get significant savings and keep up with their competitors. They even chose us over some other prospective fleet fuel card companies with small business programs due to our unmatched savings and excellent customer service.


Although receiving a fair amount of savings from their previous fuel card provider, In A Pinch was receiving service fees that made any “discounts” obsolete. As well, they were unable to get issues handled in a timely manner, taking hits to productivity because of their provider’s poor customer service – inefficient for any over-the-road trucking company, but especially a small business. They needed a change in how fueling operations and over-the-road solutions were handled.


Guttman Energy was able to take fuel cards from a source of hassle and turn them into the tool In A Pinch needed to power their business. After giving our fleet fuel cards a trial run, In A Pinch saw even better savings than before with Guttman’s plan. As well, they realized that Guttman had one of the widest networks of fueling stations associated with their card, which was a bonus for their business and their transportation needs.