Case Study

Expanding Geography


Stutzman Vacuum Service was using a cardlock program that was sufficient for its local fueling needs. As the company’s area of operations expanded due to work in Marcellus Shale drilling, however, challenges arose. When fueling outside of the local area, Stutzman was paying uncompetitive rates and fueling stations within the program’s network were either non-existing or not conveniently located. In order to cost-effectively service a rapidly expanding geography, Stutzman needed a larger network of fueling stations and competitive fuel prices.


As a Fuelman marketer, Guttman Energy was able to offer Stutzman a fleet fueling program with consistent cost-plus pricing at a large, well-distributed network of fueling locations throughout Stutzman’s area of operations. Guttman worked with a non-participating retail station that is geographically advantageous to Stutzman’s operations and succeeded in bringing them into the Fuelman network. The Fuelman program also provides Stutzman with easy-to-read weekly reports detailing all purchases made with its Fuelman cards and is integrated with the Fleetmatics fleet tracking software that Stutzman uses.