Case Study

Five Star Transport Solutions

Five Star Logistics is an up-and-coming freight brokering provider based out of St. Joseph, Minnesota. Their excellent customer care and ethical approach to freight brokering/pricing is quickly leading them to be one of the most trusted heavy hauling enterprises in their area. However, hidden fleet card fees made it harder and harder to realize their main goal of moving freight as effectively and efficiently as possible—until they went with Guttman Energy.


Five Star’s previous fleet card provider hit them with transaction fees around every corner. As a company that valued strong relationships and open communications, they needed a fuel provider who was transparent in all aspects, especially when it came to charges. Come April 2020, they realized it was time for a change.


Upon seeing the flexibility that Five Star needed to be able to efficiently fuel their fleet of 35 vehicles, Guttman Energy decided that Five Star would benefit the most from being set up with their own Fleet Fuel Card Program.