Case Study

Edible Arrangements Group Advancement Association (EAGAA)


EAGAA advises and supports hundreds of independent Edible Arrangements franchise owners who deliver fresh fruit in small, non-diesel trucks and refrigerated vans. Until recently, most EAGAA members purchased fuel at retail prices with conventional credit cards. Because fuel is not a franchisee’s dominant expense, fuel cards have rarely been a top-of-mind concern. But, without concise purchasing reports or ways of tracking unauthorized buys, franchise owners were missing significant budgeting, tax accounting, and purchasing control opportunities.


EAGAA invited Guttman to explain the issues — and propose a solution — at the organization’s national conference. Guttman’s service rep did their homework, interviewing franchise owners and researching their fuel suppliers. Then he designed an experimental, franchise-scale program that would offer EAGAA members:

  • Customized pricing at convenient fuel stops nationwide
  • Concise weekly purchasing reports
  • Restrictions on non-fuel purchases

Operating at scales of one to 10 vehicles, the number of EAGAA members who have adopted the Guttman fleet fuel card continues to grow.