Case Study

Cost-Plus Pricing Solution

Calland AG Transport, an Ohio-based trucking company specializing in general commodities, grain and feed, was in need of a fleet card vendor that provided a better level of service than what its previous vendor could offer. In addition, it was looking for a personal point of contact. Guttman Energy addressed the company’s needs with a cost-effective program to go along with a dedicated sales representative assigned to the account.


Calland AG was using a fuel card that provided savings based on the retail posted price at service stations with a small discount. The owner was aware that competing fuel card programs could bring bigger savings to his company, but he was simply too busy with on-the-road duties to look into other programs. Additionally, Calland AG was experiencing frustrations with the automated customer service system its prior fuel card company offered. Every time they wished to speak to a representative about reports or account statements they were re-directed back into the automated customer service system.


Guttman Energy’s dedicated sales representative presented Calland AG with the Fuelman fleet card program featuring wholesale-based (Cost-Plus) pricing. Calland AG now uses the Guttman Fuelman fleet card with 12 of its vehicles – providing its drivers with 65,000 locations nationwide to purchase fuel. By going with Guttman, Calland AG now has one dedicated sales representative that it can contact to address any need moving forward.