Case Study


Specializing in heavy earthmoving operations for highway, site development and mining projects, the customer is recognized as one of the largest earthmoving general contractors in the tri-state region of Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia. Backed by 90 years of experience, the company brings extensive earthmoving capabilities and technology to both commercial and municipal projects. The company is also actively involved in Marcellus shale development including construction of well pads, impoundment ponds, meter stations and compressor stations.


For many years, the customer relied on a major oil company as its sole supplier of a special diesel fuel that enabled equipment operability during winter temperatures. To bid competitively and ensure a project’s budgeted completion, the company often had to lock in prices via an inefficient process involving multiple people from the supplier. In addition, the supplier lacked the onsite field support to provide any services beyond delivery of fuel. Availability of ongoing tank housekeeping and maintenance services was non-existent; tanks were not monitored for water, microbials nor other normally occurring contaminants.


Guttman Energy personnel met with the customer and after a thorough needs assessment, proposed a customized fuel and site management program. Guttman created, tested and quality-assured a premium diesel product for the customer’s winter needs. After careful consideration, the company decided to turn over its complete fuel management process to Guttman. Guttman Energy became an integral part of the company’s project bidding process.

Prior to making bids, Guttman worked closely with the customer to develop a benchmark fuel price based on project term and anticipated fuel usage, with likely fluctuations factored in. As the customer won jobs, Guttman routinely visited the site, inspected bulk fuel systems and made sure fuel could be safely transferred, along with periodically checking for fuel tank contamination that could develop as a result of the working environment.