Case Study

Casper, Colosimo & Sons, Inc.

Casper Colosimo & Sons, Inc. (CCSI) is a construction company specializing in underground utilities including paving, landscaping restoration and marine services. This Pittsburgh, PA-based operation needs to fuel over 300 vehicles to serve the city and the surrounding areas.


CCSI’s old credit card really limited their savings and provided no other perks. Card orders were taking 2 weeks to arrive to the customer, with no fuel controls. Because of this, there were unauthorized purchases that were extremely hard to resolve because of poor customer service. The hassles, restrictions, and expenses became too inconvenient, and CCSI jumped at the chance to make a switch.


When Guttman reached out in December of 2021, we were able to immediately meet face-to-face to listen to their issues and discuss ways to fix them. CCSI’s customer service agent matched them to the Guttman programs that best fit their needs as a Company.