Case Study

BDR Express, Inc.

Saving fees & gaining peace of mind.


A mid-size warehouse and truckload logistics company based in Frederick, Md., BDR Express operates about 40 box trucks and tractor-trailer rigs. BDR’s general manager told us his fuel card supplier had been charging multiple, non-negotiable fees, but offering zero fuel discounts and poor customer service. A typical headache: Just ordering a handful of new cards required placing an 800 call, navigating a maze of automated menus, and making repetitious customer-number entries. A simple transaction like this could consume 30 minutes of phone time.


After a face-to-face conversation and a detailed fuel-use analysis, Guttman proposed a five-vehicle trial. BDR accepted. Four weeks later, BDR compared Guttman’s fleet fuel card no-fees approach, customized pricing structure, and personalized customer support with the old vendor’s performance. Point for point, that comparison added up to an easy decision: BDR switched card programs and rolled out the Guttman fuel card all across its fleet. BDR has gained a responsive, trusted, cost-effective partner— a family-owned company with a network of 65,000 conveniently located fueling locations.