Fuel Management Services with Major Operability Solutions


Fuel Management Help for a Heavy Construction Contractor 

One of the largest earthmoving general contractors in the PA/OH/WV region needed help. This company specializes in construction operations for highway, site development and mining projects, even getting involved in Marcellus shale development. They deal with a lot of sensitive equipment, and reliability or operability issues can create a chain reaction that would affect many people.

Their previous fuel supplier left them at the mercy of the market for fuel purchasing and offered no help managing their fuel otherwise. Any issues that arose would cause significant delays, offset the scope of projects, and reflect badly on their business. When there’s no room for error in your industry, you need a fuel provider that uses intelligence to make sure everything is in perfect shape. 

Little Inefficiencies that Add Up to a Big Mess 

In the oil and gas industry, many moving parts need to come together to ensure a job well done. Your reputation depends on your ability to be reliable in many ways. Sticking to your budget, timeline, and scope are all essential if you want to generate more business.This contractor was having trouble with that, all thanks to inconveniences with the way their previous fuel provider operated.

To bid competitively on fuel and ensure a project’s budgeted completion, the company often had to lock in prices via an inefficient process that didn’t guarantee them the best value—often putting them in danger of going over budget. If that wasn’t an inconvenience in itself, their previous fuel supplier also provided no services beyond delivery of fuel.

While delivery timing was generally reliable, the construction contractor was left in the dark about how to conduct ongoing tank housekeeping and maintenance. The fuel was also never monitored for contaminants, leaving a huge gap for problems to occur. They needed reliable fuel management services. 

Personalized Solutions that Increase Reliability

Up until the point Guttman Energy reached out, this company didn’t realize that they could be controlling their fuel more efficiently. After conducting a thorough assessment for the client, Guttman concluded that their client would benefit significantly from a customized fuel plan, and would also see great benefits from a site management program.

The company is now able to make competitive bids for fuel with confidence that they will always be on budget. Guttman Energy works closely with the customer to develop a personalized benchmark fuel pricing based on project term/budget and anticipated fuel usage, with likely fluctuations factored in. After learning that fuel contaminants have caused the company significant reliability issues in the past, Guttman Energy created, tested and quality-assured a premium diesel product for the customer’s winter needs, formulated to prevent gelling and keep business running as usual. 

Guttman also routinely visits the site, inspecting the bulk fuel systems for tank contamination that could develop as a result of the working environment. Now fuel operability concerns have been all but eliminated. Guttman helped them in maximizing year-round equipment operability and productivity, meaning that this heavy hauling business has increased its reputation and reliability. 

If fuel management services and customized solutions sound like what your operation needs to get back on track, contact Guttman Energy today at 724.489.5199.

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