Case Study

Delux Trucking, Inc.

Delux Trucking, Inc. hauls dry goods and freight throughout the Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana markets. In contact with Guttman since 2018, this 6-tractor trailer fleet realized quickly that going with Guttman would put an end to many issues they faces with their previous supplier.


Delux Trucking, Inc realized that they were constantly being overcharged, erroneous fees, which their existing provider was unwilling to credit them back for. If they tried to look further into the problem, customer service on the providers end was almost non-existent, leaving the problem completely unsolved.


The company quickly warmed up to the idea of switching to Guttman, starting with our reps coming in to visit in person to show they were a real person. On top of our consistent and personalized customer service, we worked to provide them with constant communications and create a set plan to report full transactions weekly to both show their savings and provide full transparency on charges, giving Delux Trucking, Inc. peace of mind, as well as amazing savings.