The Best Fleet Fuel Card in the Business

Intelligently Optimizing Fleet Safety  

a man holds a clipboard while standing in front of a fleet truck.

Can Your Fleet Afford Being Behind on Safety Advancements?  Ask anyone—the Guttman Energy Fleet Fuel Card is considered one of the best fuel cards in the business because we go beyond just fuel purchasing for our customers. When it comes to fueling a fleet, we understand you must focus on fleet efficiencies as a whole. […]

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Fleet Maintenance for Fuel Optimization


Tips from Our Fleet Fuel Experts on How to Increase Your Fuel Value  Guttman Energy knows that as much as our customers value the efficiency that our Fleet Fuel Card allows them, there are many more aspects that go into powering a fleet besides filling the tank. To get even more value out of that […]

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Top 5 Fleet Card Questions: Part 1

Finding the best fleet fuel card might seem like an impossible task. There are dozens, if not hundreds, of options to help you power your vehicles. Guttman Energy has been operating since the 1930s and is one of the nation’s most trusted resources for fuel cards. If you’re considering investing in a fuel card program, […]

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Guttman Case Study: Cost Plus Pricing Solution 

case study for ohio based trucking company using fleet fuel cards

How Guttman Fleet Fuel Cards Helped Business Expand Calland AG Transport is an Ohio-based trucking company specializing in general commodities, grain and feed. A while ago, they decided they were fed up with receiving sub-par customer service from their old fleet fuel card provider and wanted to look for personalized, efficient customer service to go […]

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Should I Get a Fuel Card for My Small Company?

a Truck Driver gives a Thumbs up

Being an owner/operator of a trucking company is a big job, even if your business is relatively small. Most small business owners start out using a standard credit card to make all of their purchases, but when you’re in the world of trucking, there’s another solution to handle one of your most common purchases: fuel. […]

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Smart Fleet Logistics & Overcoming Driver Shortages

It’s certainly not news that everyone from fleet managers to consumers themselves are feeling the effects of the driver shortage. Long delivery times and scheduling conflicts are worrying even the most prepared fleet fueling supervisors, while larger workloads and high stress can lead to mistakes and burnout among drivers. While frustrating, the Guttman Energy fleet […]

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What Is IFTA?


IFTA, or the International Fuel Tax Agreement, is a deal set up between Canadian Provinces and most US States. Specifically, the arrangement exists to simplify how commercial trucking companies pay the motor fuel taxes they owe as they travel through various states and provinces. IFTA was designed for truckers and trucking companies whose routes often […]

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Where You Can Use Guttman Fuel Cards


Every business with a fleet needs a reliable and affordable way to fill up their vehicles. Many companies choose a standard business credit card to cover their fuel costs. Regular credit cards may have limitations though, which is why it may be a good idea to choose a specialty custom fuel card. Guttman Energy is […]

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