Intelligently Optimizing Fleet Safety  

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Can Your Fleet Afford Being Behind on Safety Advancements? 

Ask anyone—the Guttman Energy Fleet Fuel Card is considered one of the best fuel cards in the business because we go beyond just fuel purchasing for our customers. When it comes to fueling a fleet, we understand you must focus on fleet efficiencies as a whole. That’s what brings us to fleet safety.

Over the years, we’ve seen that one of the biggest disadvantages companies face, whether you’re driving for a small business or managing a massive fleet, is not prioritizing and updating driver safety methods. We know our cardholders care about their vehicles, drivers, and their operation, and it is important to know that when you use your fuel card on the road, you’ll be having the most optimal experience in every aspect.

Therefore, Guttman Energy is passing on some wisdom about modifications you can make that can minimize traffic incidents, encourage safe driving, and give you peace of mind.

Driver Alert Systems

Truck drivers are always at the mercy of human error. Even the best drivers can get distracted or miscalculate and overextend their regulated time on the road. Thankfully, driver alert systems are a great way to account for these accidental oversights. By using algorithms, these systems can very accurately detect when it may be time to stop for gasoline, when it might be time to grab a bite, or even when it seems the driver may need to settle in for the night. 

Air Disc Brakes 

Trucks and trailers equipped with air disc brakes have much greater stopping power, which can be essential when unforeseen obstacles block your path. Disc brakes provide stable and uniform braking, which helps brake components last longer and reduces drag, which in turn reduces fuel and truck maintenance costs. As well, those few extra milliseconds when stopping may make all the difference when it comes to the well-being of both you and other drivers. 

Rear-view cameras

If you are currently managing your fleet costs, adding rear-view cameras to your truck is one of the more budget-efficient ways to significantly increase fleet driver safety. Due to the size of many trucks, visibility is a huge concern among drivers, and can be a major cause of accidents. By providing the driver with a clear view of the back of the truck and of blind spots while backing up and while on the highway, you can reduce chance of a collision. 

AI Advantages for Fleet Safety

AI technology has significantly benefitted fleet management, as well as driver safety. If your truck does not already come equipped with AI-monitoring technology, modern advancements have made it easy to outfit your vehicle with gadgets that provide many of the services listed.

Fleet managers can use this technology to keep track of many factors including location, ETA, vehicle load, traffic, weather conditions, and the drivers’ time requirements. As far as safety, AI can scan the surroundings for obstacles, recorrect your lane alignment, alert you on your speed, and, in some cases, even brake for you. 

As much as technology can help to optimize your driving experience, Guttman Energy knows there’s nothing quite like tried-and-true solutions given by a real person to help you with your fleet efficiency and management. By implementing some of these items into your safety policies and procedures, you can encourage safer driver behavior and improve your fleet. Give Guttman Energy a call today to talk to a (real) customer service representative and learn more about our fleet fuel card.

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