The Best Fleet Fuel Card in the Business

Understanding the ROI in Fleet Management

a man holds a Guttman Energy Fleet Fuel Card

In the high-stakes world of fleet management, discerning and augmenting the Return on Investment (ROI) is pivotal. For fleet managers striving to enhance efficiency and profitability, understanding ROI is not just beneficial—it’s essential. ROI serves as a critical benchmark, aiding fleet managers in gauging the effectiveness of their strategies and operations. Calculating ROI in Fleet […]

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Meet Nick Stanley

Meet Nick Stanley, Fleet Fuel Card Account Manager, with six years on the team! Tell us a little about your work history. Where you started, how you found your way to Guttman, etc. I started working in the transportation industry as a freight broker for a third-party logistics company in Cincinnati. Looking for a new […]

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Transforming Your Fleet with GPS Tracking

Commercial GPS technology has been around for less than 50 years, yet it’s hard to imagine our lives without it. Nearly everyone has a built-in GPS on their cell phones or installed in their cars. But while GPS is commonplace when we’re running errands or going on a road trip, many commercial fleets are still […]

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Intelligently Optimizing Fleet Safety  

a man holds a clipboard while standing in front of a fleet truck.

Can Your Fleet Afford Being Behind on Safety Advancements?  Ask anyone—the Guttman Energy Fleet Fuel Card is considered one of the best fuel cards in the business because we go beyond just fuel purchasing for our customers. When it comes to fueling a fleet, we understand you must focus on fleet efficiencies as a whole. […]

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Meet The Guttman Fuel Team: Matt

Meet Matt Denver, Fuel Card Account Representative, the newest member of the Fleet Fuel Card team! Tell us a little about your work history. Where you started, how you found your way to Guttman Fleet Fuel Cards. Following my graduation from Juniata College with a degree in Marketing, I got my start in the sales […]

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Expanding Your Fleet in 2023?


Expanding your fleet is an exciting but frightening prospect. It indicates your company’s success, but it also involves a lot of decisions and moving parts to execute. Are you considering adding more vehicles to your company’s fleet? Here are a few things to think about before making your final decision.  Excessive Downtime If your current […]

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Fleet Maintenance for Fuel Optimization


Tips from Our Fleet Fuel Experts on How to Increase Your Fuel Value  Guttman Energy knows that as much as our customers value the efficiency that our Fleet Fuel Card allows them, there are many more aspects that go into powering a fleet besides filling the tank. To get even more value out of that […]

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Fleet Fuel Maintenance : Bus Health

Whether you’re a bus driver or a fleet owner, operating your vehicle is so much more than just fueling up and turning the key. While Guttman Energy’s Fleet Fuel Cards help ensure the best fuel for your fleet, we also understand that safety and productivity are at the center of your operation. One of the […]

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