When Should You Replace Your Fleet?

Your fleet is the heart and soul of your business, moving products from your warehouse or distribution center to the customers who rely on you. When your vehicles aren’t performing as they should, your entire operation can come to a standstill. Eventually, your fleet will need to be replaced, no matter how well you’ve maintained your vehicles. We’ve created a quick guide to help you determine when it’s time to replace your fleet and how to get started.

When to Replace Fleet Vehicles

Several factors can impact how long your vehicles will last. If you notice that your vehicles need maintenance more and more frequently, it may be time to consider replacing them. Constant major repairs can indicate that the vehicle’s lifespan is ending, and it’s likely more cost-efficient to replace the vehicle than continuing to make significant repairs.

Similarly, vehicles may need to be replaced when the fuel efficiency falls. As a vehicle ages, its fuel economy tends to worsen. You can also look at the vehicles’ mileage. The maximum mileage can vary by vehicle type, but understanding the average mileage standards can help you manage the expectations of how long you have with your current fleet. Finally, if your drivers don’t feel safe on the road, it’s time to consider investing in new vehicles.

Benefits of Replacing Fleet Vehicles

When you replace your fleet vehicles, you’ll experience more benefits than you may initially realize.

First, new vehicles will have lower repair and maintenance costs than older ones. If you follow a schedule to replace your vehicles, you can slowly invest in preventative maintenance and easily predict the associated costs.

New vehicles will also likely come with advanced safety features that older models don’t contain. Some examples may include lane departure warnings, cutting-edge GPS technology, and automatic emergency braking.

How to Replace Fleet Vehicles

Now that you know when to replace your vehicles, you need to learn how to actually do it! There are a few questions to consider before purchasing new vehicles for your fleet.

First, think about how the vehicle will be used to help you determine the size and type of vehicle you need, as well as whether you should purchase or lease. Consider the purchase or leasing costs, along with associated expenses like fuel, maintenance, and residual costs.

You’ll also need to think about your fleet size. Are you planning to expand in the near future? Then you’ll want to choose a vehicle that will be available for several years, allowing you to purchase more when needed. It’s also important to consider the time and cost associated with maintenance when you’re thinking about expanding.

Working with Guttman

When you’re thinking about replacing your fleet, there are lots of questions to consider. While we can’t help you replace your fleet, we can help you with fueling your fleet. Our fleet fuel card program makes it easy to keep track of fuel expenses, create reports on your fuel costs and usage, and analyze your findings to keep your fleet as efficient as possible.

Our fuel cards are accepted at more than 65,000 service stations across the country and come with no contracts or hidden fees. Contact the team at Guttman Energy today to learn more.

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