Oil and Gas Industry Fuel Cards

If you work in the oil and gas industry, then you know firsthand how important fuel can be. Of course, your company has to have enough fuel to power all the necessary equipment or vehicles to get the job done. But it’s also important to ensure a reliable and safe fueling process every time. Guttman Energy is proud to provide the best of both worlds.

We’ve worked with countless businesses in the oil and gas industry to coordinate fuel delivery, perform fuel testing, and so much more. One of our most impactful programs, though, is our fleet fuel card program. This service is completely customizable to meet your company’s needs and will help you secure cost-effective fuel when you need it most.

Benefits of Fleet Fuel Cards

No matter how big or small your company is, the benefits of a fuel card program can’t be overstated. First and foremost, fuel cards allow your drivers to access fuel whenever it’s needed. Guttman Energy’s fuel cards are accepted at more than 65,000 service stations across the country, so you never have to look too far for a reliable fuel source.

Implementing a fuel card program can also make reporting infinitely easier. If you need to keep a close eye on fuel consumption or cost, a fuel card program can help. When your drivers use their cards, the transaction information becomes available to you through a convenient and intuitive portal. Our IFTA data reporting program is hugely helpful as well, simplifying your reports and compiling all your most important fuel data in one place.

If you’re concerned about fraud, you may prefer a fleet fuel card program over a standard business credit card. While normal business credit cards can be used for a wide range of products or services, fuel cards limit drivers to purchasing fuel and a handful of related products. You’ll also have the ability to set limits on how much drivers can spend and track drivers’ spending habits, from when and where they’re fueling to how much they typically spend at the pump. These features are crucial for our oil and gas industry fuel cards and their users.

Best Practices for Using Fleet Fuel Cards in the Oil & Gas Industry

Before implementing a Fleet Fuel Card program, be sure to go over the procedure with your drivers. Your team should be fully aware of how to use the card at the pump, where they can purchase fuel, and any other specific limitations or regulations you’d like to set. You may consider having your drivers sign a fueling policy once they’ve been trained.

Once your program is off the ground, keep an eye on usage. Monitoring fuel transactions from the beginning gives you a baseline and helps you anticipate what to expect moving forward (which can be particularly helpful if you’re not used to tracking fuel transactions so closely). If you notice something suspicious, such as increasingly frequent fill-ups, you’ll be able to investigate the issue before it becomes a bigger problem.

In addition to looking at your statistics and data, it’s critical to keep an eye on your fuel cards themselves. It’s not recommended to have lots of extra fuel cards, as this can increase the risk of fraud. If you do have extra cards, keep them in a secure location. When a driver leaves the company or a vehicle is removed from your fleet, cancel the assigned card as soon as possible.

Guttman Energy’s Fleet Fuel Card Program

There are countless fuel card programs for you to choose from, but Guttman Energy is unmatched in our program customization and dedication to our clients. We remain completely transparent about the terms of your fuel card program, never hitting you with restrictive contracts or unnecessary fees. You can personalize your program to your liking, and when you have questions or want to make a change, your dedicated representative will always be your main point of contact.

Guttman Energy is proud to help oil and gas companies get the fuel they need so they can continue the important work of powering their communities. Contact us today for more information on our oil and gas industry fuel cards program.

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