Is it time for your business to get a fleet fuel card?

Exploring the tipping point of a business moving to a fleet fuel card program 

Many of Guttman’s customers came to us for our fleet card solutions. Our customer service and savings set us apart from the competition. What makes businesses choose to use a Fleet Fuel card in the first place? If any of the following fleet card benefits sound like something your operation is missing, it’s time to ditch the big banks and give us a call. 

Consider the Size

Whether you’re an owner-operator or moving two, ten, or even 100 vehicles, Guttman has a fuel card program tailored to your company’s needs. When it comes to fleet fuel cards for small businesses, the benefits are tools that keep you in competition with larger companies. You need the same – if not better – resources and fuel, and you need it on a much smaller budget. Guttman’s fleet fuel card is a small business’s best friend, allowing you to fuel all vehicles at a competitive price and capitalize on intelligent technology to control your operation. 


In this economy, fuel spending is an issue for even the biggest budgets. If you’re looking to cut back on spending, or even just testing the waters for some money-saving options, a Fleet Fuel Card is the way to go. Fleet fuel for small businesses provide flexible solutions tailored to their budget, and operations of all sizes gain peace of mind knowing they’re only paying for what they need. 


Are vague, non-itemized charges frustrating you and stumping your accountant? With Guttman’s fleet fuel card, every charge is reported in real time and simplified down to the item, so that you know exactly what you’re paying for and when you’re paying for it.

Customer Service Issues 

One of the biggest reasons people switch to Guttman’s Fleet Fuel card is for our customer service representatives. Whether your fleet is spread all over the US or just a town away, if there are any issues with your account, you need to get them taken care of right away. Our customer service representatives are always there to help you solve any problems that arise. We are in constant communication to help you maximize market benefits with your card. Most importantly, we’re here to get to know your business, so that you can have the most personalized, helpful fleet card experience possible. 


You can’t afford to have restrictions in the way while you’re on the road. If a card cut offs from reaching credit limits or hidden fees are a concern for your fleet, it’s time to investigate a fleet fuel card program. Guttman’s fleet fuel card has no hidden fees, no contracts – even no early cancellation charges. 


When your drivers are on the road, it can be hard to keep track of what goes on. Guttman puts all your Fleet Card spending and controls in one place for easy accessibility. Change your settings at any time, and keep your spending and your fleet on track, no matter where you are. 

After reading all the benefits a fleet fuel card can provide your small business or corporate operation, we know you’ll want to switch. Guttman is ready to make it happen for you and your fleet. For more information, call 724.489.5199 or visit us at

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