Fuel for the Oil Field

Control Your Fuel Costs with a Fleet Fuel Card

No Fees

No contracts, up-front costs, or cancellation charges

Personalized Pricing Programs

No business is too big or too small

IFTA Reporting

Simplified and real-time transaction reporting

No matter what you’re hauling through the Texas oil fields, you know that staying on schedule, having the best routes planned out, and accessibility to service stations is key to keeping your fleet happy, business healthy and operations running smoothly.

Guttman Energy’s Fleet Fuel Cards are designed with you in mind and providing you with the most valuable benefits for your operations:

  • Dedicated Guttman Energy account representative
  • No hidden fees, no contracts, no early cancellation charges
  • Pricing programs customized to your specific needs
  • Real-time reporting programs tailored to your operation
  • Avoid card “cut-offs” when credit limits are reached
  • Simplified IFTA Reporting
  • Comprehensive fraud protection

Not only do we provide savings for your business, we add value and back it up with our exemplary customer service, dedicated and knowledgeable account representatives and advanced reporting.

You don’t have to take our word for it

Read about some amazing small business owners we have helped gain control of their fuel budgets and spending through our fleet card program and exceptional benefits.

Keep your financials on track, your drivers on the road and the savings in your pocket by calling Guttman today. See how we can help your business create a better and more profitable future.

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