Case Study

Scalable Fleet Fuel Card Solutions for Ventures of All Sizes


The Edible Arrangements Group Advancement Association (EAGAA) is the entity responsible for supporting all Edible Arrangement franchise members – no matter how big or small. This can look like anything from business advising services to building repairs. However, EAGAA realized they were overlooking a very critical component of their member’s business – fuel purchasing. With every group member having anywhere from one to over ten delivery vehicles—specifically, non-diesel trucks and refrigerated vans to deliver fresh fruits in—they were in a bit of a holding pattern trying to decide if there were any fuel card options that weren’t a one-size-fits-all.

Fleet Fueling Challenge

Before working with Guttman Energy, most EAGAA members purchased fuel at retail prices with conventional credit cards. Fuel is not a franchisee’s primary expense, so fuel cards have rarely been at the top-of-mind. Without concise purchasing reports or ways of tracking unauthorized fuel charges, franchise owners were missing significant budgeting, tax accounting, and purchasing control opportunities. EAGAA wanted to fix these inconveniences, but it was hard to find options that were able to accommodate the different situations of each EAGAA member. They needed a card that offered the best prices and services overall, yet could still be tailored and scaled for every single member’s unique needs

Guttman Energy’s Solution

This story is a bit different – EAGAA didn’t go with Guttman right away. Instead, Guttman was invited to present a solution among other fleet fuel card providers at EAGAA’s national conference.  Guttman’s service rep did his homework, interviewing franchise owners and researching their fuel suppliers. Then he designed an experimental, franchise-scale program that would offer EAGAA members customized pricing at convenient fuel stops nationwide, concise weekly purchasing reports, and restrictions on non-fuel purchases. EAGAA chose Guttman’s plan, and it quickly became clear that they made the right decision—since then, members have benefitted from consistent, complete, custom-built reports that show fuel prices, fueling locations, and items charged to each card. They also each get a dedicated, personal Guttman “fleet fuel card representative” standing by to answer questions and expedite requests.

Thanks to our adaptability, fuel issues are a problem of the past for EAGAA and its’ members, feel supported and seen with Guttman Energy’s personalized fleet fuel card programs. If this sounds like the solution that your company needs, you can learn more here.