Case Study

Case Study: Fleet Fuel Card Saves Small Fleet Time & Money

Fuel cards can bring tons of benefits to small businesses, from increased fuel savings and efficiency to more confident drivers to more efficient reporting and tracking. Recently, Guttman Energy got to help a small trucking company transform its fuel operations by implementing a fleet fuel card system. Read on to see just how impactful fuel cards for small fleets can be!

Guttman Fleet Fuel Card


In A Pinch Trucking came to Guttman Energy in search of a fuel card program that made sense for the business. At the time, the company’s fuel card provider issued so many service fees that any “discounts” the company received were essentially obsolete. In A Pinch Trucking also noted that their fuel card provider lacked good customer service, impacting the trucking company’s overall operations.


We were happy to help In A Pinch Trucking craft the perfect fuel card program for their needs. Guttman Energy set up the company with a trial run of our fleet fuel card program, and In A Pinch immediately noticed the difference. Not only were Guttman Energy’s cards accepted at far more fueling stations than In A Pinch’s then-provider, but the lack of extra fees meant that In A Pinch could better manage its budget and retain its profits, passing those savings on to their customers.

On top of the savings and convenience that our fuel card program provided, In A Pinch was also impressed by Guttman’s unmatched customer service team. Jerome Lewis, a dedicated Guttman Energy representative, has been an asset to In A Pinch throughout their partnership with our company.

In A Pinch owner Tagan Lynch had this to say about the company’s experience with Guttman: “Working with Jerome Lewis has raised the bar for my other vendors. He exudes a level of professionalism and compassion you don’t find in corporations. He gives the feel of dealing with a small business rather than a large corporation. My calls and emails are always answered promptly, and my needs and expectations are always beyond met.”

Working with Guttman Energy

Our team has loved working with In A Pinch, and we’re proud to report that this success story is not the only one of its kind. We’ve provided fuel cards for small fleets all across the country, spanning a wide range of industries. No matter how big or small your fleet, Guttman Energy ensures personalized attention, simple program terms with no fees or contracts, and the best range of fuel products and services on the market.

Contact the team at Guttman Energy today to see how we can help your small business move onward and upward with confidence.