Tips for Improving Trucking Fleet Management

As a fleet manager, you’ve got dozens of tasks to handle on any given day. You may spend your time hiring drivers, planning routes, running reports, attending to vehicle maintenance… the list goes on. The key to a successful fleet lies in being organized and efficient in your trucking fleet management.

If you’re looking to improve your current fleet management system, you’re in luck! A few small adjustments to your approach can make your job quicker, easier, and more efficient. Here are a few of our best tips for improving your truck fleet management operations.

Take Advantage of Technology

New technologies are emerging daily, and your fleet can benefit from updated systems. For instance, you might already be using GPS devices inside your vehicles, but new technologies can let you track drivers’ routes and ensure safe driving habits.

Many of the daily tasks involved in running your fleet can be handled automatically. You may consider automating your emails or opting for recurring supply purchases for the things you need most. That way, you can spend less time working through tedious, time-consuming tasks and spend more time focusing on the parts of your business that you truly love.

Improve Fuel Spend Tracking

Fuel is one of the main costs of any fleet and is often the biggest cost that your fleet faces on a regular basis. Without properly tracking how much your team is spending on fuel each month, you run the risk of overspending and potentially exceeding your fuel budget. Unfortunately, we can’t control the price of fuel, but you can make changes to track your team’s fuel spend.

Gas cards for businesses, like those offered by Guttman Energy, often offer convenient fuel spend reporting. You can keep track of how many purchases are made each day and the amount spent on every transaction. Once you track your team’s fuel spend for a while, you’ll begin to see patterns emerge and can better budget for fuel purchases.

Manage Your Reports Digitally

Maintaining your reports on paper works for many companies, but especially as your fleet grows, it will become increasingly difficult to track all those figures. In the past, fleet managers were forced to track every receipt and invoice manually, costing countless hours and plenty of manpower.

Thankfully, fleet managers now have the ability to manage reports digitally. Digital reporting not only frees up room on your desk, but it also makes it easy to refer to reports and track important figures at a glance. Guttman Energy provides each client with a customized online reporting portal that is updated in real-time with your purchases. You’ll never have to wonder where you stand with your budget or how many times your drivers have fueled up in a given week.

Managing your reports digitally can apply to more than just your fuel spend. You can digitally track any purchases made for your business, relevant employee documents like certifications or training schedules, client and invoice information, and more. One of the keys to trucking fleet management is to create your own organization system or look into an automated workflow management system to save you time in the day-to-day.

Double Check Your Routes

When was the last time you evaluated the routes your fleet is running? You may have added or removed stops from your routes without considering how the changes would impact your fuel budget. Take a long look at your routes and see if there may be a more efficient way to get from Point A to Point B. If nothing else, even rotating your vehicle usage between your various routes can help increase fuel efficiency and allow you to better manage your fleet.

Choosing the most efficient routes for your team can provide more benefits than simple fuel savings. When your vehicles are running properly and are embarking on fuel-efficient routes, they will experience less “wear and tear” and will continue to serve you for even longer.

Perform Regular Preventative Maintenance

Speaking of your vehicles, it’s critical to keep them in proper working order. When your vehicles aren’t working, the rest of your operation is inevitably impacted. But if you’re only performing maintenance on your vehicles when there is already an apparent issue, you’re doing your fleet a disservice.

Preventative maintenance is an excellent way to ensure your vehicles are always ready to go when you need them most. By identifying small issues and fixing them quickly, you’ll handle them before they turn into larger, more costly problems. Replacing a part is much more affordable than replacing the entire vehicle!

Communicate with Your Drivers

When it comes to trucking fleet management and managers, there’s only so much you can do by yourself to improve the operations of your fleet. You’ll also need to work with your drivers to understand the issues they’re facing on the road and create efficient solutions that work for everyone.

Talk to your drivers about how they approach fueling and how they behave on the job. (For instance, your drivers could be idling in their vehicles and wasting fuel without even realizing it!) Your drivers should also be informed of proper maintenance procedures and safe driving habits. That way, your team members are always safe and efficient, and your vehicles are working as they should and using fuel in the most efficient manner possible.

Register for a Fuel Card Program

Dealing with fuel can take much of your time as a fleet manager. To make that process a bit easier to bear, consider signing up for a fuel card program. You’ll experience countless benefits compared to standard credit cards, including personalized reporting and ease of use for your drivers.

Having a dedicated fuel card program makes tracking your fuel spend quick and easy. You’ll also save money on costly annual fees associated with standard credit cards, and you’ll save time by having all your reports in one place. Plus, if there’s ever an issue, it’s easier to reach a representative at a fuel card company than at a major credit card company.

Working with Guttman Energy

There are dozens of options out there for business gas cards. When you use a standard credit card for your fuel purchases, you may be limited in your capabilities. Many typical credit cards don’t allow the personalized controls or reporting functions of dedicated fuel cards. It may be difficult to track your fuel spend against other purchases, and if you spend too much, your card could be cut off in an instant. Guttman’s fuel card program is different.

Guttman Energy has spent the last 90+ years helping fleets big and small create personalized solutions for their fuel needs. Our fuel card program is one of the most convenient in the industry and is trusted by countless clients across the country. Our application process is quick and easy, and we never charge any fees during the application process or throughout your business with us. You’ll also never have to worry about being locked into a contract.

Once you begin working with Guttman Energy, you’ll be assigned a dedicated account manager. Your representative will work directly with you to understand the ins and outs of your operation, as well as any fuel needs or concerns you might have. We’ll collaborate with you to create a customized fuel program that works for your business needs and budget. If you ever have an issue with your services, we’re always available to find a solution.

Guttman Energy is your premier choice for business gas cards. Take your trucking fleet management to the next level and contact our team today! Learn more about our fuel card program and get started with your application!

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