Guttman Fuel Cards for Couriers: Grow Your Business

Courier businesses are an essential part of our society today. Whether you’re waiting for an important piece of mail or an exciting package to arrive at your door, courier businesses are the middlemen and women who keep our world running. There’s no doubt that these companies will only become more essential. Having fuel cards for your couriers will be just as essential.

If you own a courier business, there’s no doubt that fueling your fleet is always on your mind. A fuel card may be just the solution you need to grow your business and keep it efficient at all times. Here, we’ve listed a few of the benefits that a fuel card program can bring to your business and information about our program.

Benefits of Fuel Cards for Couriers

A fleet fuel card program allows you to order and provide fuel cards to your drivers. As opposed to a traditional business credit card, fuel cards can only be used in certain locations and come with safety features like individual driver PINs to reduce fraud and track expenses.

Fleet cards can be helpful when tracking your fuel costs. You’ll be able to see exactly which driver fueled up at which station, how much they spent, and what they purchased. It’s easy to run reports from your centralized online portal so that you can view statistics and data from every driver in your fleet, all in one place. Since the fuel cost can change on a dime, accessing this data is critical when planning your budget, tracking your overall expenses, and planning for expenditures to grow your business.

Fuel cards (or business gas cards) are also ideal for courier businesses because they can help you make your operation more cost-effective. You won’t have to worry about hefty annual fees that you may encounter with a standard business credit card. Your reporting software lets you quickly identify the routes and drivers that consistently use the most fuel and address these issues accordingly. 

Lastly, fuel cards can help you streamline your day-to-day operations. Through your program’s tracking software, you can get important information about your fleet’s fuel usage and mileage, allowing you to identify inefficient routes. Then, you have the power to adjust your drivers’ routes to be as quick and efficient as possible, helping you to save even more on fuel and manage your growing fleet without stress.

Guttman Energy’s Fleet Feul Cards for Couriers

There are plenty of fleet card programs to choose from, but you’re not likely to find a program as simple and customizable as Guttman Energy.

Our fleet fuel cards are accepted by over 65,000 service stations across the country, so your drivers will have no problem finding a place to fuel up. Additionally, you will have access to a secure portal where you can track your drivers’ data and produce reports about fuel usage and costs. It’s all available with no contracts or hidden fees, and if you ever have a question, our team is always here to help.

Guttman Energy is proud to offer one of the most comprehensive fuel card programs on the market today. To learn more about how our fuel cards for couriers can benefit your growing courier business, contact Guttman Energy today.

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