Fleet Fuel Card Scam Protection

Avoiding Card Skimming and Fraud

Card Skimming Operations are a growing problem, as they’re a way for thieves to quickly steal your information, and it is very easy to insert your card into a skimming machine if you are not aware of where and what to look for. Skimming devices attach to legitimate card readers, steal financial and personal information, which can be used to make fraudulent charges, or even steal your identity. Guttman Energy’s Fleet Fuel Card experts want to ensure the safest and most efficient fueling process for all of our clients, and despite our excellent fraud protection programs, we hope to educate all our Fleet Fuel Card Holders to prevent falling victim to this scam before it happens. 

What Does It Look Like?

A card skimmer is designed to look like part of the normal card reader. However, there are a few visual keys that can help you. If any pieces of the machine look like they don’t quite size up with the rest of the reader, look unaligned, or look raised where it shouldn’t be, thay could be a good indicator. As well, if you feel around the reader and find that some parts seem to be coming off or aren’t in alignment, that could also be a sign that a skimmer has been installed

Check the Security Seal

Some gas pumps have security seals. If that’s the case, if the seal is broken, it may mean a skimmer has been installed.

Guttman Fleet Card Expert Tips

Here are steps you can take to protect yourself from card skimming activity.

Inspect the Card Reader and Keypad

Using the indicators above, inspect the card reader and keypad for any issues.

Check Your Surroundings

Hidden cameras may be in place near your pump to capture your pin. Often, gas stations will have security cameras on the ceilings, but these hidden cameras may be holes in the gas pump itself that could face where you insert your card.

Use Your Fleet Fuel Card

If fraud were to occur, your Guttman Energy Fleet Fuel Card is the safest option with Guttman Energy’s Comprehensive fraud protection program. If we flag suspicious activity, your Customer Service Representative will contact you to help determine if any sensitive information has been leaked regarding your Guttman account and will fix the issue accordingly.

Guttman Energy’s Comprehensive Fraud Protection Program

Guttman Energy’s Fleet Fuel Cards are especially capable of protecting our clients against scams and fraudulent charges. Guttman Energy will never send any unsolicited notifications through text, email, or over the phone. In the event of any suspicious activity, you may contact your designated Customer Service Representative for their expertise and advice. Our comprehensive fuel card scam protection and fraud program will help to determine if any sensitive information has been leaked regarding your Guttman account and will fix the issue accordingly.

If you are interested in opening a Guttman Energy Fleet Fuel Card, talk to a customer service representative today at: 724-489-5199

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