The Impact Of Fueling Transportation on Our Environment

Guttman Renewables Weighs In On Fueling Transportation Intelligently 

Many Guttman Energy customers know: the transportation industry is essential in our lives and our economy, and because of this, is a massive sector of business. However, because of its size, it also has a large impact on our environment. Thankfully, Guttman Renewables is confident that we can work together with customers to make the transportation industry more environmentally friendly. But to facilitate change, it’s important that we all know what we’re up against. By looking at the stats, we can then work to get measurable results–but first, it’s good to get a scope on the problem to know exactly how we can take action. 

What is the Energy Impact of Fueling Transportation?

Between passenger and commercial vehicles, the transportation sector is responsible for the largest portion of total greenhouse gas emissions in the US—statistically, that’s 27% of all emissions. Breaking it down, the statistics are even more surprising. Of the transportation sector’s emissions combined, 57% of emissions come from light duty vehicles, 27% of emissions come from medium/heavy duty trucks, and 1.9% of emissions are generated by railway transportation. 

Why does this matter?

When fuel is burned for transportation, they release harmful greenhouse gasses into our atmosphere. When left unchecked, these greenhouse gasses can affect our environment in a way that can cause harm. Greenhouse gas refers to the gasses released by the burning of fuels like gasoline and diesel. These gasses, such as methane (CH4), nitrous oxide (N2O), and hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs), and, by a vast majority of 97%, carbon dioxide (CO2), build up in our atmosphere. Greenhouse gasses make it harder for excess heat to escape our planet, warming the earth and creating changes in our climate that are harmful to our way of life. This contributes to more severe weather, rising sea levels, droughts, and the rise in frequency of extreme weather events we’ve been seeing. 

How can Guttman Renewables Help?

Thanks to improvements in technologies and new tools like carbon offsets, Guttman Renewables is leading the way and challenging those in our industry to take their own steps towards sustainability. We provide products and programs to help you reduce emissions without changing the way you run your business. Our ethanol and biodiesel products generate less emissions and are easier for your engines.

Guttman Renewables gives businesses the option to buy carbon offsets to neutralize your emissions by contributing to projects that reduce or remove greenhouse gasses elsewhere. We give you the ability to calculate your emissions and then purchase the appropriate number of offsets to balance out the emissions associated with your fuel usage. With our innovative solutions, we are helping the transportation industry to become more sustainable and reduce their impact on the environment, while being more efficient than ever. That’s Fueling Intelligence. 

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